Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi all- I just found this site and am amazed at the number of us out there! I am 31y.o. and have had migraines that I can remember since I was 6 years old. So many times I can remember having to withdraw to dark rooms, isolating myself from family and friends. I too have the aura, the one-sided throbbing, although it feels as though my whole brain is ready to explode from my skull. My body temperature will spike multiple times over the course of a number of hours, and with each elevation I have to vomit. There is momentary relief at this point but by the time I get my cloth redamped and myself back to the dark room the cycle begins anew. I finally "pass-out" into a deep sleep, too bad this can't be willed on earlier. My worst was this past Friday, the pain lingered on into Saturday. My concerns are that over the years I have lost a lot of memory recall - does anyone else have that same experience? My fears are encountering two people within the last two months who had a history of migraines as well, both ended up with brain aneurysms. Does anyone know of the ratio of this occuring? Any replies related to this topic welcome. Julia
Julia <>
Pittsfield, Me USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 06:06:14 PM
When I was in my 20's, I had a couple of migraines complete with aura, fatigue, etc. Years later if an aura started, I would lie down & the episode would pass with only a slight headache. In my 40's, I started to have a lot of symptoms, but no headache at all and a neurologist diagnosed migraine equivalent. These symptoms are flashing lights, tightness in the head/scalp, "tickling" on the right side including arm & leg (sometimes just in the hand & foot), dizziness, difficulty forming words, nausea, extreme discomfort with noise (ears ring, eyes burn), agitation. Recently (I am now 52), these episodes have been occurring daily -- the "tickle" on my right side is constant. My neurologist can't find a reason for any of this. My question is, has anyone been told similar symptoms are a result of lowering estrogen levels after menopause? Just trying to make sense of senseless symptoms! Thanks to anyone who tries to help.
dixie <>
Newburgh, NY USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 02:29:57 PM
I'm so glad to have found this site! To know that there are many other people, going through the same thing I am, has been liberating. Finally! People who won't think I'm a "whiner" or a "baby". I've had these evil headaches for about six years. They've become increasingly more severe, and I'd just about lost hope. The longest continuous migraine I've had so far lasted for six solid weeks. First, I was afraid I would die... Then I HOPED I would die... Finally, I was afraid I WOULD NOT die. I'm sure you know what I mean. I've tried all the drugs, but cannot take Imitrex, or anything like it, because of a family history of heart disease. My neurologist even prescribed Prednisone, which I have since discovered is a steriod. I have asked other doctors exactly what this drug was supposed to do for me, and none of them know. Has anyone else taken this for headaches? Do you know what it's supposed to do? It did nothing for my pain, only added joint pain and rapid weight gain (30 lbs. in 2 weeks) to my already painful days. I no longer see this neurologist, having found that he was completely incompetent. Here is the part I really want to ask about: I have been experiencing a new symptom with my migraines: Hallucinations. Not just the usual distortions and auras. I'm seeing actual objects that aren't really there. I've seen swarms of bees, and strange people, that those around me can't see. The most spectacular, so far, was a train. I SAW an entire train that WASN'T REALLY THERE! I saw the direction it was moving, south to north, the shadows of the cars, the wheels turning and could even read the numbers and grafitti on the sides of the cars! I checked with my primary doctor, who said this is unusual, but not unheard of. Does anyone else see these things? I try to keep a light heart about it, looking for the humor of the situation (Pardon me sir, is that a foot-long cockroach on the wall, or is it me?) but it's very unnerving. I usually see the hallucinations just before, or just at the beginning of my migraines. I have migraines 5 days out of a week, with all the attendant nausea, numbness in limbs, etc., etc. But I'd really like to know if anyone else has hallucinations... Thanks much, Kris.
Kristine <>
Brookfield, IL USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 11:22:27 AM
Hello Please forgive me for using this journal for a personal message, but I have a new mail box and it will not let me send out any E-Mail. So Janna JTROUTEN, I have tried to respond to you 3 times now, this is enough to give you a headache, I am a hairdresser, not a computor person!!! My husband is going to work on my box, whatever, that means. I just did not want you to feel, that I did not want to write back to you. I did recieve your E Mail, so feel free to respond again. On this rainy day in Georgia, I feel pretty good today, hummmm, makes you wonder when the storm (migraine) is coming!!! I hope all you guys out there are having a pain free day as well. Later,
Jan Scofield <>
Atlanta, Ga. USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 10:32:18 AM
At 36, I feel like I have been suffering from Migraines all my life. One of the more humours (or embarassing) time was when I was approx. 14/15 standing in the front pew at Church(w/a sick headache) and I passed out over the front of the pew. I am sure the Priest must have had a shock!. At any rate I have tried every thing, mine are hereditary, lately excedrine migraine seems to be helping and does not make me feel as groggy as midrin. Also taking Dimitap extend tabs allergy medicine seems to really help because it blocks alot of the allergy reactions associated with migraines (I get it from all the usual sources as well as hay fever allergies). The Brompheniramine will not cause drowsyness like other allergy medicine. Sometimes I wish everyone who has never had a migraine would have one just so they would understand the pain and disruption they cause in your life (especialy significant others).
A Ryan <>
NJ USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 07:37:15 AM
JEAN! @ I tried to E-Mial you some good news but it came back and will not be accepted as you are posted on this journal. I'll try one more time. If you dont hear from me, your are welcome to call me at (800) 757-7653 (Don't mind the message I'm an Auctioneer) or Hm (805) 638-0808 Good Luck! Russ
Russ Allen <>
Bakersfield, Ca USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 01:21:31 AM
I've been dealing with migraines for over 20 years but last week something really strange happened to me. I had what my Neurologist called a "painless migraine episode". Sounds like heaven,Huh? Well, it was one of the worst 10 days of my life - mainly from not knowing what was wrong with me even after a battery of test and tries with several different meds. I had severe dizziness, tingling in my hands and fingers and a constant, for lack of a better description was like a mild electric shock running through my brain constantly. I had NO idea what was going on and it virtually brought my life to a screeching halt for 10 days. It cleared up gradually over this past weekend and today I finally felt "normal". Has anyone out there ever heard of this?? It sure was new to me.
Maureen <>
Kingsport, tn USA - Date: 09/29/98 (Tue) Time: 12:07:45 AM