Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Boy, what a relief to find this page!!! I am 50 and have had headaches since childhood, with the worst in my 30's. Doctors told me for years that migraine seems to lessen in frequency and degree of pain as you age....HA! Although the headaches were getting further apart as I went from 40-50, the pain was unbelievable when they hit. My headaches are four days, and always have been. Also, the pain is always on the right side of my head and runs down my neck into the right shoulder. I have had blindness, loss of balance, and, of course nausea. Until Imitrex, I had never found anything that helped at all with the pain, but now, unfortunately, my friend imitrex gives relief for only a short while and then the pain returns. One day of the four days, I throw up about every 30 minutes, and the only good thing is that for awhile after each visit to the bowl, the headache dulls a bit. It's pretty sad when you look forward to arfing to relieve the pain!!!!!! During a recent really bad headache, I went through five shots of imitrex in four days. I didn't do this on my own.....I was in touch with my doctor and he said just make sure I don't use more than two shots in 24 hours. My other alternative was to be admitted to the hospital and put on i.v.. Would like to get feedback (even if it's the riot act) on using that amount of imitrex. Also, if there is anyone who has had migraine for this many years and sees signs of relief. Bless you all.
Sandra Rush <>
Singers Glen, VA USA - Date: 10/18/98 (Sun) Time: 06:17:02 PM
Suzette: am trying to email you regarding our similiar situations with migraines but your address is not complete. E mail me if you want to correspond.
lesley <>
NJ USA - Date: 10/17/98 (Sat) Time: 07:13:02 PM
Hello Everyone, I am so plaesed to have found this journal. It is always comforting to know that one is not alone in suffering. Not that I would wish this curse on anyone (not even my worst enemy). I used to go online several times a week to read the boards and comments, etc on mirgraines and it just started seeming like the same ole song and dance. I found I just got terribly depressed because so many were suffering for so long-myself included. Just on a lark today I came in to read some comments and happened upon this. It's a good area and a great avenue for resources and just plain comfort. My name is Suzette and I'm 51 young years old. I have a wonderful life when I'm not in pain but then the pain hits and brother I'd just like to drop off the face of the earth. I have suffered with migraines since I was 38 and they finally got so bad that my doctor put me on disability. I have been on disability now for almost three years. It's an awful way to live. I loved my job ( my family is all raised and it's just me and my husband) and certainly didn't want to leave it. The problem was I just wasn't dependable on any given day. Some days and weeks I'm fine and other's I'm banging my head on the wall for relief. I've tried every drup, therapy, on the market and my neuro tells me I'm in what's called the 2% club. That's a cute name for NOTHING WORKS!!!! I can use Imetrex to get me through if I have something important to do but I have to take methylprednisone along with it for it to work. (go figure) Anyway it's always nice to hear from other's . I have one good friend that I met from the boards and we keep each other company online and comfort one another when we just can't stand it any longer. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with like experiences. Any grandmother's out there? My sweet little three year old grandaughter calls me each morning to tell me she is praying for my head to be okay. Boy that should be powerful medicine one would think. God Bless To All.
Suzette Hook <Psalmnow>
Ca USA - Date: 10/17/98 (Sat) Time: 03:28:05 PM
Hello everyone! My computer died about a month or so ago and I lost all of my bookmarks so I haven't been here in a long time! (I used to stop by to read almost everyday, it always helps me cope!!) To update I have been getting migraines every single day now for about 4 months approx. and have been getting migraines for 8 years (since I was 16). I have tried literally EVERY drug there is, and I mean every one!! I have also tried all of the herbal remedies as well. The only thing that helps at all is Migrainal, which I have been using since it very first came out in nasal spray. If you haven't heard of it, it contains DHE which they used to give in shots (which made me SO sick) but the nasal spray helps somewhat. I guess on a scale of 1 to 10 it drops a "10" headache to a "7" if I am lucky. For some reason it doesn't work much and so after months of ER trips every night for Demerol shots, my MD just taught my dad to give me injections and gave us a bottle to take home. For those of you who are new to this journal or don't remember me, I took Vicodin frequently for about 6 years or so and of course wound up addicted to it. Your body becomes tolerant and so you need to take more & more to work and so when I decided I really didn't want to be an addict I stopped taking it - cold turkey!! I ended up in ER with withdrawls so bad the MD said I was worse than someone withdrawing from heroin!!! I was SO sick for about 2 weeks!! Anyway, my point is that those of us with chronic pain need to be careful because no one will ever tell you about addiction to prescriptions!! Actually, going through all that was almost pointless because now that my migraines are DAILY and range from 6's and up to 10's on the pain scale I have to take strong pain meds every day just to survive. I have been getting really frustrated these last couple of weeks because none of my MD's (family MD, neuro, etc...) know what to do except put me on Demerol tablets now!!! I am so so glad that I found this page again, it has been very helpful in the past to help us vent our frustrations and I have made many friends through Rondas page!! Thanks SO much to Ronda!! And I promise that in the future I won't type such long messages to post!! :) LOL Good luck to you all and please contact me if you want to talk or have suggestions!! God works in mysterious ways and I know He will use this to bring us closer to Him!!! :)
Angel <>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Date: 10/16/98 (Fri) Time: 11:23:18 PM
I've just heard of the new drug that is similar to imitrex and amerge-called ZOMIG (zomatriptan). Was wondering if anyone has tried it yet , how long till relief, did the headache return later, any side effects? This sounds like a good option for me as my headaches are menstrual cycle related, and I think I read something about Zomig being particularly helpful for thisa type of headache. Any comments?
Janice C <>
Ont Canada - Date: 10/16/98 (Fri) Time: 02:18:55 PM
I have found a combination of meds that is working wonders for me and thought I would share. I addition to Inderal, Elavil and Prozac, I was taking Soma Compound with Codeine and Stadol if that didnt work. The problem was that the Soma costs $16 after the insurance picks up the rest. The ingredients in Soma are carisoprodol, aspirin, and 16 mg of Codeine. This time I asked doc if I could have plain carisoprodol and Tylenol #3 in generic. My insurance has no copay with generics. This has saved me a lot of money as well as works better--I take 1 of each. I can adjust the dose by cutting tablets in half as well. I am thrilled with this discovery. My doc does not mind me suggesting different drug therapy, and will usually go along with at least a trial of something new. He watched the addiction factor very close. I have never used anything stronger than Codeine except for an occasional demerol shot at the ER. This combination does not make me feel drugged, and I find I can function pretty well. You might give this a try if you are still looking for an effective treatment.
Mary Jo <>
IA USA - Date: 10/16/98 (Fri) Time: 01:08:42 PM
I'm on day 2 without a migraine. When I get to this point it always feels like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I feel so happy to not have a headache, but I'm so afraid of what will happen tomorrow. It is so rediculous to live like this. It seems like a miracle that my children (three boys, 11, 9, and 6) haven't developed migraines. I guess I'm really glad that they don't affect boys/men nearly as often as girls/women. It breaks my heart to read all the stories out there. I think a common theme is that doctors won't prescribe medicine when we know more than they do what our bodies need. it is so frustrating. I'm thinking of all of you. Sending positive energy out there to all of you. Richi
Richi <>
Scaly Mountain, NC USA - Date: 10/16/98 (Fri) Time: 10:56:42 AM