Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Barb B. - Yes, I understand persistent migraines! I am having my first 48 hours headache free for the first time in almost 7 weeks. I have found Zomig works for me, i tried it for the first time last week and the pain stayed away all day with one pill. I have also missed a lot of work and have worked through pain that I am not sure how I did it. Not everyone understands that not only is the pain horrible, but that when a migraine hits, you lose the ability to concentrate and focus on anything else. I have a very understanding job, but one that requires 50-60 hours of work per week, so its hard to find a balance. I find myself working at all hours when I am pain free to make up for lost time. I am currently gettting off Ergonovine as a preventative - has anyone else been put on this as a preventative? i would love to hear from you. Also, i am trying a dietary supplement called Valerin, which seemed to help get rid of that nagging, "its not really a full migraine but its still there" feeling that we often get. Wishing all a pain free day. . . .
Alicia Dagosta <>
Omaha, NE USA - Date: 10/20/98 (Tue) Time: 08:29:44 AM
It was'nt easy early on, but I survived my first day back at work after vacation. It was made twice as hard by a persistent migraine, one that started Friday night and went on and off until this afternoon. Nothing much helps. Not rest, not aspirin or ibuprofen, not midrin, nothing. It would be nice to hear if anyone who suffers from persistent, long-lived migraines has any ideas. I don't have much sick leave, so I can't take days off at a time to recuperate. I've used migraine as a reason so many times that I wonder if people at work believe me when I tell them how bad it can be. My migraines can last for days, and often do. They don't always come with a warning aura, most of the time, they just happen, so I want to try to find something that will take care of those kind. At least if I get a warning, I can act right away before the pain comes on real bad. One thing I have learned, though, is to be grateful for every moment that there is'nt any pain and that I'm not sick from a migraine. It makes me appreciate those moments more than ever.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 10/19/98 (Mon) Time: 07:41:13 PM
To Richi, I am on a maintenance dose of Oxycontin. I take 20mg x 4 over the day since it is time-released. This has been the best thing I have come across for chronic pain management. It is a bit expensive, thankfully I have a Rx card, but a month's supply goes for about $230. Anyway, you may contact me if you have any questions.
Michael Usilton <>
Gaithersburg, MD USA - Date: 10/19/98 (Mon) Time: 02:48:22 PM
I have been suffering with migraines that last for 3-4 days since puberty (I am 31 years old, that's almost half my life!!) The only thing that works for me is Imitrex, but I am feeling somewhat like a junkie. Not only that, the pills cost $459.00 for 27. (My crappy prescription plan doesn't cover this.) Has anyone out there had any positive results with anything else? I have been through Fiorinal, Midrin, and esgic 6 (sp?)I have read in a migraine-support page about the benefits of chromium (picolinate.) Anyone else out there hear anything about this? My migraines are definitely menstrual-related, and I was fortunate enough to have 2 blissful headache-free pregnancies out of three. My first pregnancy was a killer with migraines (and that was my son, the last two migraine-free pregnancies were my daughters... Does anyone see a pattern here? Sorry, just a little harmless man-bashing there!!!) Anyway, I feel for all my fellow sufferers out there, and can totally relate to your pain. If anyone has any suggestions about migraine care and/or prevention, please feel free to email me. I would appreciate any headache-related advice!! Thanks.
Angela <>
NY USA - Date: 10/19/98 (Mon) Time: 02:23:53 PM
I've had migraines most of my life, and also have depression and panic attacks. The only medicine that seems to help the headaches MOST of the time is Imitrix. I've tried MANY others, but this helps me considerably.
Joan <>
MI USA - Date: 10/19/98 (Mon) Time: 12:45:19 PM
I came across some info. regarding a new patch that is in the process of being put on the market. It has been developed by a doct. in Canada. It is suppose to deliver marcaine to numb the nerve in the occipital nerve region. The occipital nerves are responsible in many migraine sufferers in causing severe headaches. The nerve comes from the head-neck junction up to the back of the head on both sides & can run to the front. (understand this is a laymans attempt to describe this)At, you will find mention of it under Mon. Oct.19 in the section "Today's Pain Question", also mention of different meds. The doct. here also reasures this patient about dependence vs addiction, as does "The Use of Opiods for the Treatment of Chronic Pain" in the "Pain News archives. We need to fully understand the difference not only for ourselves but also in order to educate those around us. He also talks about other similar treatments. Also, you can find more on "Occipital Nerve Stimulation", especially those of you that are familar w/nerve blocks. It sounds as though this is a welcomed change or may help in addition to the injections. Hope this has help someone. God Bless :)
DC from OK <>
USA - Date: 10/19/98 (Mon) Time: 01:43:44 AM
Okay, the other shoe dropped. After 4 glorious pain free days, the migraine from hell happened. I've taken the entire smorgasborg of drugs, and nothing is worked. My friend has aprescription for oxycontin, and I was willing to try anything. I looked it up on the net, but I'd never even heard of it before. I took half a tablet, and it has made the pain almost tolerable. (You know, after throwing up 10 times) Anyway, if anyone has had experience with this drug, I'd love to hear from you. best wishes to everyone. I'm still sending positive thoughts to all of you. WE CAN'T GIVE UP!
Richi <>
scaly mountain, nc USA - Date: 10/18/98 (Sun) Time: 10:59:57 PM