Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have had migraine headaches since the age of 7 without any type of release from them. I, like so many others, would have to just ride them out. I recently visited a doctor who gave me a dietary supplement that has really helped. I would like to share that with you. It is only available through Amway. The name is Women's GLA Blend. This really helps women. I have been taking this for about a month & 1/2 and it has helped. Don't get me wrong I still have the headaches but instead of it being 3 times a week, it is now 3 times a month. I wish everyone of you luck in finding release from these headaches.
Sherry <>
Dalton, GA USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 09:24:16 PM
hi my nme is cathy,iam 34 and been getting migrains since i was 10. recenttly i went 6 months without having a migrain and knew it was to good to be true. i started having them and been taking the imitrex shots i get pretty good relief after half hour after taking the shot ,throwing up is definitly the pits, the next day my stomach muscles hurt os bad fom the dry heaves.i'll be happy to hear from anyone
cathy scarmella <>
waterbury, ct USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 08:41:12 PM
I can relate to anyone using this journal that people really don't understand how bad migraine headaches can be. They think that it is just a headache, and to take something, and it will go away. That is'nt always the case. I get headaches that last for days on end, and nothing helps except riding them out. They think that I'm moody at both home and at work, but what it is is that I'm probably sick to my stomach, sensitive to bright lights, and feeling as if my head was about to explode to boot. I would'nt wish this on my absolute worst enemy.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 05:02:01 PM
Just a short comment on flu shots. Be aware that the base is made from eggs. So if you are allergic to eggs or if eggs are a migraine trigger for you, you better take your chances with "the bug".
Mary Jo <>
IA USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 04:10:41 PM
I'm writing to see if anyone has had experience with any of the herbal remedies that so many people are taking now. Feverfew has helped me slightly as a migraine preventive, but I am wondering if St. John's Wort or ginko biloba or echinacea root have any good or bad effects on people with migraine.
Ginny Bugg <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 11:53:15 AM
In response to getting flu shots - beware!! Its my understanding that Flu shots contain both hormones and preservatives - two potential triggers of migraines. I skipped mine this year after experiencing a 3 day migraine after last years shot. Also, anyone who is not already aware, one of the strongest triggers is MSG (in some people) its monosodium glutamate and its not just in chinese food, its in most prepared food - doritoes, ranch dressing, most salad dressings, prego, soup, boxed or frozen food. For me, the reaction takes about 10-15 minutes and its a bad one. Watch what you eat and how you react to it! Staying away from triggers doesnt mean these things wont hit, I wish it did. but maybe the next one wont be so soon. I had another one hit last night, but the zomig took care of it within an hour. This morning isnt looking great, but i am trying to stay hopeful as i have a full days worth of work to do - the panic feeling starts, who is going to pick me up today because I cant drive? will my work understand? will this go away before people notice I have another one? . . . . . only you guys can understand the frustration.
Alicia <alicia.dagosta>
Omaha, NE USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 07:58:46 AM
I'm 17 years old and have been getting migraines on and off since I was 11. What astounds me is how ignorant people can be. They think "Oh, it's just a headache, but the thing is, it's not. Try imagining the worst headache you've ever had, multiply it by 10, add throwing up 3 or 4 times during the course of the migraine and you're about half way there. That's what I tell them, and I get called a hypochondriac!! Often I'll take something before trying to get to sleep, but wake up again when the painkillers have worn off. Then the vomiting comes. I usually get them at night, which means (thankfully) that my family don't see much of what I go through. I'm the only one in my family who gets them, so no-one in my family knows what I go through. Migraine is one of those things where you really don't know what it's like until it happens to you. I have a few friends who are also migraneurs, least they believe you when you say you're sick and don't think you're malingering. I'm not really after any advice on whizbang therapies, as I can live with my migraines since I only get them occasionally. I'm just after people I can correspond with who know what it's like.
Kiera <>
Australia - Date: 10/20/98 (Tue) Time: 11:47:40 PM
What I find remarkable is the positive energy coming from people who suffer so much. I am new to this journal but can't believe there are so many of us out there.I am 38 years old and have been suffering since I was 20. I remember my very first migraine like it was yesterday. I was recently married and very happy. I started feeling a burning sensation behind my right eye. Then I saw squiggly lines in the same eye. Before I knew it my head felt like it was going to explode and I was so nauseated I had to vomit (and vomit and vomit). I was so frightened I called my mother and my husband and told them I thought I had a brain tumor and was dying. Of course everyone reassured me I'd be fine and it was probably a bug or something !!!! Anyway,to try to make an 18 year story short...... I still have these horrible migraines. Things changed on me 5 years ago. I had been experiencing one headache after another for months and I noticed my right pupil was huge. The first place I went was the eye doctor who immediately sent me to a neuro. He said I just had a "blown pupil" from the continuous migraines. They did an MRI and MRA and discovered I had had a stroke. After going through umpteen tests to rule everything under the sun out, they finally admitted my body suffered this damage due to MIGRAINE. It made me so mad that after all these years of being told that migraine was really a benign type condition and deal with it or be a zombie on a bunch of crazy meds they finally had to say we need to do something for this other wise healthy individual. I wish I could say all is well. I am no longer a candidate for imitrex type drugs because of the stroke and I refuse to spend my good days drugged up . This entry could go on and on . I would love to know if I'm the only one who has suffered a stroke due to migraine and if not , how are you doing. Also I always feel crazy when I'm having a migraine because I obsess about the things I should be doing instead of sitting in a dark room wanting to blow my head off. I can't seem to explain this mind obsession to anyone else. It's just like I can't rest because I feel like such a failure being so incapacitated. My mind races with irrational thoughts.( I know they are irrational once the headache is over). I get the feeling reading other peoples letters that most of us are dependable responsible productive people that can appreciate this wonderful world and life we were given---on migraine free days!!!!
Carlock <>
USA - Date: 10/20/98 (Tue) Time: 11:40:58 PM