Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I just wanted to let those of you who may be taking antidepressants, like Elavil, that antidepressants cause your pupils to dilate and can make you have trouble reading and that because dilated pupils let in more light than normal, be sure so wear sunglasses at all times because the light sensitivity would be increased.
Denise <>
Midland, Tx USA - Date: 10/23/98 (Fri) Time: 01:35:00 AM
Jana <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Date: 10/22/98 (Thu) Time: 08:23:21 PM
I havve been suffering from migraines for nearly 30 years. They got better for awhile and now they are more frequent again. I have a very caring and understanding neurologist, which helps. My preventative meds, Depakote, Inderal, and Zoloft have ceased working so my doctor is taking me off the Depakote and Zoloft while increasing the Inderal. When I am off those he will add another medication. I had a doozy of a headache today and had to come home from school after about an hour. (I am a teacher) Right after I got to school I took some Stadol NS which usually works right away. Today it didn't so I came home. I was so sick. Wouldn't you know I got stopped by a train for 20 minutes! If that wasn't agony with a pounding headache and nausea along with light and noise sensitivity, I don' know what is. It was all day before the pounding let up. It is now down to a dull headache and am tired. Hopefully that won't happen again. I have too much to do. I thought when I got older they would go away. But they won't. My doctor says it is something I will probably always have to deal with. But he is good about giving me medications to help. He understands about the trips to the ER and wants to keep me out. Thank goodness! That is a nightmare in itself! Here's to migraine-free days for everyone. Hang in there. Maybe some day there will be something so nobody will have migraines! Ginny
Ginny <>
Wichita, KS USA - Date: 10/22/98 (Thu) Time: 07:46:36 PM
I am a 33yr. old, single mother of an 8 yr. old son. I have been suffering with severe migraines for over 6 years. I have been on so many meds. that they are to numerous to mention. I was seen at the Jefferson Headache Clinic for 5 years, and all that did was drain my wallet. I am in desperate need of help. I am currently taking both MS Contin, and MS IR. The doctor that I am currently seeing feels that there is nothing further he can do for me. I have been through every test, and there s no cause for my migraines. I have also tried other methods of relief such as acupuncture, bio-feedback, chiropractors etc. I do not know where to go. I am currently on Social Security due to my pain, prior to that, I was a Social Worker in the child welare system. I would appreciate any suggestions. I have been reccomended by numerous docs to go to the Diamond Clinic, bt can not afford to get there. I live in PA. Can anyone help me? THANK YOU, MARIANNE HALUS 432 PINE HILL ST. MINERSVILLE,PA 17954 If you have pets, show and tell them you love them everyday !!!!!
MINERSVILLE, PA USA - Date: 10/22/98 (Thu) Time: 05:40:48 PM
I so thankful that I found this web page and journal it contains. After a couple of (almost) pain-free days, another headache seems to be appearing. I know its probably that I'm tired from work and the weather is changing, and two weeks before my period is due; those all seem to be factors in my headaches. I'm just glad that I have a job where I don't have to work on Fridays, though I do work Saturdays and have been in the office alone when migraines have hit(one so bad one time that I went home early). I just don't like to take off of work for these headaches of mine. It is hard to describe them to others. That is why I need to find out from anyone who uses this journal if they have had any success with zomig, or with the nasal spray abortive medications that are out there. I need something that will cut these headaches down to hours instead of days. I go to my neurologist in December. I'd like to have an idea of what's out there and how well it has worked for others by the time I go.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 10/22/98 (Thu) Time: 05:29:01 PM
I am thankfully over a 3 day migraine that I was fairly sure would kill me. This makes me so incredibly angry that I lost three days that I could have spent playing with my boys. Instead, I spent three days hiding in my room feeling like a complete failure as a mother, wife, person. It's so hard not to give into the depression that comes from the almost constant pain. My husband is great. He takes care of the kids when I simply cannot. I'm about to try a new neurologist, go through the questions, the crap again. This time, though, I have much more info. to give her, thanks to all of you and the different treatments I've learned about through this site. I'm still sending my positive thoughts to all of you. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope we can all find something that works!
richi <>
scaly mountain, nc USA - Date: 10/22/98 (Thu) Time: 11:15:29 AM
I have been a migriane headache sufferer for 15 years. I have tried many things over the years and have just recently found something that works for me. Since I have been reading journal entries on this page for months I wanted to share with all of you out there in pain. My solution has turned out to be Craniosacral Massage . It is a very simple treatment that is uninvasive. I have had releif since the first treatment. I know that not everyone can be helped with this therapy, but for me it has been my own small miracle. My life has changed tremendously for the better. I have been able to go back to a job that I love, and my life with my family is wonderful. Please, if you are suffering, do not give up hope. I do believe that there is hope for all us to be helped. I pray for my continued health and for yours also.
Linda Nabors <>
Pagosa Springs, CO USA - Date: 10/21/98 (Wed) Time: 09:39:10 PM