Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi, I am 30 yrs old and have never had a migraine untill this year. It came on me just real suttle like. It started as a headache. Constant headach. Then I got the nasuea, dizyness, and loss of vision. I ended up on the floor at work with my right arm shaking. I have seemed to pass the shaking stage, but the migraines have stayed. I have constant headaches, and migrains about once every two weeks. I know that I am really lucky that I can still function even with the pain, but I want it to stop. My Dr does not know why I suffer, but I do. He has just put me on Paxil and I am kindof nervouss about it. I mean, I do not have any mental problems, just pain. Has anyone else tried Paxil? If so I would apreciate any comments you might have. I wish everyone good luck and hope we all can stop the pain!
paula <>
USA - Date: 10/24/98 (Sat) Time: 08:46:48 PM
Suzette/ been trying to email you but mine will not be accepted by your server. I believe if you want me to get thru you need to check your preferences on aol for receiving e mail ouside of aol. I use IDT. You currently have a block on mail from anyone not using aol so there e mail can not reach you. Check it out. Lesley
lesley <>
NJ USA - Date: 10/24/98 (Sat) Time: 07:39:35 PM
Mine is more of a question, I have always worked in an office up until two years ago. I am now working in a factory, while I was in an office enviroment my co-workers did not mind not wearing perfume because of the effect it had on me. Those lovely migraines but now that I work with over 200 people there are many that are not so kind. I have asked the Safety Committee to help me ban perfume in the plant because of the extreme pain it causes me. I was told to avoid people who wear perfume, now I find it quiet difficult to stop peeing in mid stream pull up my pants and leave(while not breathing). So I again ask to have perfume ban, now they tell me that I must come up with proof that perfume and other odours can cause a (as they would say a headache) mirgraine. I have missed about 3 months of work just because of perfume. Can anyone help me by telling me where to find literature on chemicals(perfumes) and mirgrains. Thank you so much in advance. Betty
Betty Bissonnette <>
Prescott, On Canada - Date: 10/24/98 (Sat) Time: 04:47:56 PM
JEAN of Dixie2003, I have tried numerous times to E-Mail you the information on what has ended my Cluster/migraines. My E-Mails keep coming back from aol saying "550 MAILBOX NOT FOUND". I would love to give you all the info I have. Call or write me: feel free to use my "Auction" business line 1 (800)757-7653 or my home 1(805)638-0808 or last resort use smail mail Russ Allen, 2716 Alturas Dr. Bakersfield, Ca. 93305. No more migraines & no more mood swings! God's Speed, Russ
Russ <>
Bakersfield, Ca USA - Date: 10/24/98 (Sat) Time: 02:14:31 PM
Hi friends, Its been awhile since my last entry. I finally got in to see my doctor about feeling dizzy and fainting, he said it sounds like the Elavil is giving me the problems and wants me to go down to 25mg a night. I'm thinking here we go again!!! I feel the Elavil really helped me, I only had two break through migraines in three months and then they were not as intense as they were before. They lasted two days instead of four and my head did'nt feel like it was going to explode everytime I moved my head. Thats says a lot for me. I'm hopeing it will still work (I'm keeping my fingers crossed) I know I can't keep feeling like I'm going to pass out everytime I stand up.God I wish they had a cure for these things. Well I must close for now, you all take care and keep yourspirits high.
Carol <>
OK USA - Date: 10/23/98 (Fri) Time: 06:50:31 PM
I have suffered from hormonal migraines since I was a teenager but they got worse after my first pregnancy and have been severe since. During my second pregnancy I had a migraine for almost the whole nine months and even had one when I was in labor. Imagine telling your Doctor you have to stop pushing to throw up!!! I have been treated by several M.D.'s including several neurologists. They have tried but nothing helps. I feel like a walking drugstore. Demoral isn't even helping anymore. My gynecologist has recommended a complete hysterectomy but my neurologist is against it because I'm only 38 and my Mother had breast cancer (doesn't want to put me artificial hormones because of the risk factor). At this point I think it might be worth the risk. Has anyone else had this done to stop hormonal migraines? Did it work to eliminate or at least lessen the migraines? I am now on Zomig or Migrinal depending on severity. I take prozac in the morning and amitriptoline in the evening. I have tried imitrex (nothing), beta-blocker, channel beta-blocker, depakote (I am allergic to it), and it seems like almost every pain killer there is. My doctor will not give me nubain or demoral anymore because 1 shot doesn't relieve my migraines(I think I am building up tolerance). Now my neurologist wants me to us liquid Lidocaine up my nose to try to numb the nerve bundles and oxygen therapy. Has anyone tried these techniques? Any success? Thanks for letting me go on and on but I have felt like no one understands. I now know there are people who do understand.
Dawn <>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Date: 10/23/98 (Fri) Time: 05:06:46 PM
Hello to my friends. I haven't written in a while. I got on today to get some comfort and remind myself I'm not alone. To begin with my partner of 8 years and my mother and two sisters(they comprise almost my entire family) think I'm a drug addict. I've had migraines for over 18 years. I've been hospitalized at least five times just since Jan. 97 because of the migraines. I've tried lots of new meds, every time they come out. For nearly two years, my pain med of choice, that worked, was Stadol NS. I found most docs wouldn't prescribe it though. My current doc prefers it. Problem is: my family is convinced it is equal to an illegal drug. They say "I'm different, mean, lose my temper". I can't tell them it may be because there is not one person in my family compassionate enough to understand the pain, frustration, loneliness, isolation, tension and on and on of a sufferer. I'm just a drug addict. So, I stopped taking it about two months ago. My neuro gave me demerol. He now has said he will no longer give me that. He believes it is highly addicting. If I need it, go to a new neuro. His advice, go back to the Stadol. I have actually hidden it in my house so that I can get the relief I need without the aggravation and stigma. This is awful. It's Stadol or nothing, according to my neuro. I'm an outcast in my family if I use the Stadol. I've had to get three injections in the past 3 weeks. My partner hasn't spoken to me since the last one 4 days ago. I was just seeking drugs, you know. I hadn't had any real trouble in three months. They come in cycles like this. But no, I'm just a drug addict. My children have heard my family say these things. Now my 15 year old son, as if we need more battles with my teenagers, claims somethings "wrong with me" everytime we have a confrontation. "What's wrong with you?" It's like my mother, sister or partner is saying it. If I'm ever in a bad mood, hurting or just upset because he's being a teenager-I'm the one with a problem, probably on something! I hate this. I have worked very hard to teach my children not to drink, smoke or do drugs and stay in school. I've raised them on my own. Now because of this and my family, they believe their mother may be a drug addict. I'm ashamed everytime I take anything, even a vitamin or sudafed or something. When is the world going to realize we are in real pain and need relief. I feel so awfully alone. I will soon run out of demerol. I have plenty of refills of Stadol available, but am too ashamed and fearful of going and getting it. Does anyone out there know what I'm going through. I'm so extremely isolated. I'm not allowed to ever lose my temper or be tired, then I'm on drugs. This is a miserable life. Migraine sufferers have it bad, really bad. I'm also sick of my neuro telling me I have personal problems and that's it. I need to change my whole life he says. He doesn't want to continue to treat me unless I do that! Can you believe that? I'm supposed to change my whole life to be treated for migraines? I also was told in June that a disk of some sort in the back of my left I had a "problem". I was in the E.R. so I thought my neuro would explain this to me and tell me if it was permanent(they just said it was damaged from the migraines). I've also had trouble breathing, chest pains and light-headedness. My neuro ignores my questions every time. I have had several neuros in this town, trying to find one who is understanding, sympathetic and really cares about us. I'm at a loss. I'm also rambling here. All I have are you guys out there. By the way, if anyone is taking anti-depressants it is not recommended that you take St.John's Wort and some other herbals. You might want to ask your doc about it. Thanks for listening. Cindy
Cindy Lincoln <>
Richmond, Va USA - Date: 10/23/98 (Fri) Time: 09:11:19 AM