Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Question I get headaches once a week,when I get them they're painful,sickness to my stomach,dizzyness,eyes can't focus,and when I get some fresh air I feel a little better. Is this a migraine headache? please e-mail me
scott laflash <>
fall river , ma USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 05:30:14 AM
For those of you who have not yet caught on, it's a safe to assume that the DEA is monitoring Rhonda's Migraine Journal with special attention given to any entries that regard narcotic medications. After having once posted on the Journal I received some very suspicious, and of course anonymous, email requesting details of my medicine for migraine usage. Additionally the DEA goes after MD's that prescribe narcotic meds. Those who are unfamiliar with DEA tactics should note that the DEA employs informants, usually drug addicts who have chosen to become paid dogs for their agency in exchange for prosecution, free drugs, and yes, lots of our good old taxpayer money. What do they want in return? To turn YOU and your compassionate doctor (not for long) in to the authorities. Until the American taxpayer stands up to these Storm troopers we will continue to suffer. In the meantime I suggest you keep your narcotic prescriptions, and your MD's name, confidential. Informants are paid 1,000 USD upwards for their relevant information (and they also enjoy immunity from their own illegal drug use, as do DEA agents themselves), And yes, DEA agents, along with other law enforcement officials, do lie, and they are better at it than most laymen.
Good samaritan <>
metropolis, USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 12:44:27 AM
I feel so alone tonight. After a 2 week migraine, I have lost my new job and have to find a new one. I felt so alone during the migraine, and that feeling continues. I have this feeling that people are getting tired of dealing with this. (So am I!) I guess I should have gone to the ER during the migraine, because it was the scariest one I've had in 12 years of headaches. I called my neurologist and my GP. I need help during an intense migraine, because it's hard for me to know what I should do when none of my meds work and I am so sick. No one in the medical world seems to know what to do with me when I am sick. The GP's office told me, flat-out, that there was nothing they could do for me, and the neurologist's office finally made an appointment for this week. Thing is, I acutely needed help last week (and the week before that!) Does anyone else out there have such a hard time getting help? I even have problems with my friends-- they gave me a hard time for dropping out of sight for 2 weeks. Didn't it occur to them that they could have called me (or my fiance)? I feel so overwhelmed by all of this. Sometimes it seems that everyone in my life needs me to take care of them. Thing is, I needed the caretaking lately, and I didn't get it. I am also worried about my dr.'s appointment this week, because none of the preventive meds are working. My neurologist seems frustrated by this. So am I! I just feel too fragile right now to deal with her frustration. Gee, reading back thru this letter, I sound like a weakling! Usually I am much tougher than this-- I don't know what's wrong. I am just so tired of it all-- so many meds-- Imitrex, Zomig, hydrocodone, Phenergran, Torudol, Xanex, mepergan to try to relieve existing migraine; Imiprimine, and clonezapam as preventives (I've also tried Depakote and Verapamil.) Is anyone out there? Does anyone share these experiences? Please reply-- my email address is Thanks for listening. God Bless.
Angie <>
Nashville, TN USA - Date: 11/02/98 (Mon) Time: 07:36:22 PM
To Curious: I appreciate your concern but find it well curious that you would make a statement like that without leaving an email address. I would like the chance to debate this issue with you. Perhaps share the logic of pain control with you. Just think about it. If you have extreme levels of pain does it not make sense that it might take extreme levels of pain medicine to control it. You are right there aren't many doctors out there who will prescribe large doses of opiods. These are the doctors who have patients who are still suffering needlessly. Just read through these journal entries and you find many stories of people who are treated like addicts by their doctors who prescribe minimal doses of pain meds. These people continue to suffer and continue to make many trips to the ER and their local docs for pain shots in emergency situations. I have a doctor who prescribes enough pain medicine to control my extreme pain. I have not been to the ER or my local doc 1 time since I started seeing him. I see him once every 3 months and call him once a week or more if needed. I am able to work and carry on a somewhat normal life. Are you a sufferer? If you are do you desire to have a normal life. There is tons of info out there about opiod therapy and most of it is very promising. The problem is that maybe your doctor and most of the other docs of our journal friends are more concerned about themselves than they are about you. My doctor is concerned about me and he is helping me lead a normal life. I wish our journal friends could get the help I have gotten and stop suffering needlessly. The help is there if you just go get it.
Chuck Raines <>
Reidsville, NC USA - Date: 11/02/98 (Mon) Time: 06:08:31 PM
Hello, unfortunately I see there are a lot of us out there! I am a 49 yr. old female who has suffered migraines approximately since the age of 3. I was sure I had a brain tumor! After a multitude of scans I was assured I had a brain! I had migraines 4 times a month. After a "HEAD ON" collision in 1986 they began to come on more frequently and with more severe pain. Menopause hasn't helped! The BEST medication I have ever taken, and (I have taken all of the old ones and most of the new ones) has been and still is Fiorinal with codeine. Yes, I know about the dangers of taking codeine, but I also know that I take the medication only when needed. The medical community in New Mexico is so "opiate phobic". If it wasn't for this medication I would not be leading such a productive life. Hopefully, when every State adopts the Intractable Pain Law, things will change. I have been through a lot of migraine treatment plans that have made me real sick. Currently my MD would like me to see a Chronic Pain Doc. Problem here in NM is the closest is approx. 60 miles! There is still one migraine med I haven't tried "Maxalt". Has anyone out there tried it--let me know. Take care everyone! Jeanne
Jeanne <>
Santa Fe, NM USA - Date: 11/02/98 (Mon) Time: 02:54:52 PM
Denise, that was a great description of the difference between drug addiction and drug dependence. I've been in the medical field for 23 years and it amazes me that surgeons will give a lot of pain medications following surgery but we can't get what we need for these headaches. I have found a doctor that understands pain control and is willing to work with pain medications for me. The longer you let pain go, the more medication that you need to stop the pain. It's better to take the medication early and reduce the pain right away. If pain that is left unchecked, the body releases tons of adrenalin and adrenalin causes a lot of damage. The effects of adrenalin on the organs and blood vessels lasts up to 72 hours. Taking a pain medication/narcotic will do much less harm! Pat.
Pat <>
Cary, Il USA - Date: 11/02/98 (Mon) Time: 11:55:23 AM
I also wrote the message down below and I wanted you to know that if anyone is curious about Intratecal Infusin Systems like the Sycrho- Med Pump which I have, I would be glad to send you something about it. I have had intractable chronic migraines for 35 years and this is something I finally got 18 months ago and it has changed my life. I still live in daily pain but at least for the most part, I can handle it.I know have some sort of life worth living. God has blessed me richly by receiving this pump. I would be happy to share what it is to anyone who is interested. Denise
Denise <>
Midland, Tx. USA - Date: 11/02/98 (Mon) Time: 03:03:08 AM