Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I am a four year sufferer of cluster migraines as well as back nerve pain. Like everyone else I have been bounced from doctor to doctor. I logged into ; they offer a free doctor search for your type of malady in your area. In addition they ask that if the doctor they recommended is not satisfactory to notify them, in order to remove their name from the data base. Doctors who write prescriptions for narcotic analgesics do not want the word to get around or they would have addicts sleeping on ther front door. I found a doctor in Houston but am reluctant to recommend him as I havn't seen him yet. Those who live near Texas might be interested to know that their Medical Board law states that any physician that FAILS to treat pain effectively are subject to a fine and possible loss of their license. There is a clause that exempts practicing addicts for obvious reasons. I have been doing research on migrains, narcotics and addiction, and other related topics for over 2 years. All studies that I have run across affirm that narcotics, when taken for legitimate pain do not cause addiction. (9 addictions 24,000 patients) People with migrains are chemically dependant not chemically addicted -- DO NOT BE ASHAMED. Addiction is a psychological phenomena, when in pain ask for relief and if the pain worsens over time, ask again. Pain is a medical emergency situation. It doesn't hurt the doctor but it sure as heck hurts me. You have the right to confront your doctor about how he's treating you and the right to go to his office and ask for/or look at your file. The way I have been treated borders on torture by omission. I would be glad to share any of my research to those interested. I am not formally educated in medicine but I do have an MBA and I can still read. Please state in your request that it is for information only and that use or misuse is your option only. All info is posted on the web by the AMA and other reputible sources, THIS IS CAREWARE THE PRICE IS TO GO OUT AND HELP SOMEONE LESS FORTUNATE THAN YOURSELF AND A Little prayer for me wouldn't hurt. I also have a list of sites where you can find more info. I am assembling the data now and it should be ready in about a week. I don't know what kind of response to this I'm going to get so between migrains I'll try to get it to you ASAP. Remember YOU are the CLIENT, the doctor is the provider for money. A little statistic for the patient/doctor relationship, the DEA, by it's own admission, states that in one year it censured 450 doctors for over prescribing, out of 650,000 U.S. doctors. If the DEA is listening GET A LIFE! You know where the drugs are, get out of the doctor's office and onto the street. I hope I have helped someone with this posting! Keep plugging there's help out there. God Bless You All.
Mike <>
Lafayette, LA USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 02:20:48 PM
Im so fed up with my doctor asking me what I want to do when i dont know what the hell is wrong with me! but i do know that i have a life to live and i cant stand this constant pounding in my head,its always there.its either that or a migraine. Im 19, in college, but i fear i might have to drop out because of my migraines. i cant see straight, no balance, slurred speech, the day is blown.ill do anything right now.but i need the help of a good doctor so PLEASE, ANYONE OUT THERE WHOS FROM MINNESOTA AND KNOWS A GOOD DOCTOR THAT COULD HELP me please e-mail me.ive been searching the net for information, but it seems impossible to find doctors on the net. Ive found lots of info on Zomig and want to try it,(im sick of putting drugs in my body that dont do anything!),but i need a good doctor.Im a strong person but soon if i dont find a way to stop the pain, i just dont know what will happen. so please help me if you can, i would like any kind of info from anyone.Thanks!
stacey <sf2826@ridgewater.MNSU.EDU.>
Wilmar, MN USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 01:18:46 PM
I could really use somebodys help out there. Im 19,have epilipsy and migraines. my epilipsy is under control and not the issue its the migraines.I get them on average about twice a week.I cant see straight, have no balance,slurred speech,its pretty much like im drunk.but i recently had a migraine for a week, ive never had one that long before.but evertime i get one,the day is blown,not good when im in i go to my neurologist asking him what to do cause the drugs im taking arent doing anything.All he does is ask me"well what do you want to do?" like i know whats wrong with me and how to fix it! Ive read about different supplements that have worked for some of you out there so ill probably try those. but i would really like to try zomig, i need to find a good doctor to help though. so PLEASE IF THERES ANYONE OUT THERE FROM MINNESOTA WHO KNOWS A GOOD DOCTOR WHO CAN HELP please write to me. I cant stand this pain anymore. Im a strong person,I know how to deal with shit like this,because of my epilipsy, but i have a life to live and i know theres something out there somewhere that can help me. but i need a doctors knowledge also. if you can help me write to Ms.Fink, 1820 SE Becker, wilmar,mn, 56201 or e-mail at sf2826@ridgewater.MNSU.EDU.
Stacey <sf2826@ridgewater.MNSU.EDU.>
Wilmar, MN USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 01:03:19 PM
Hello, I have been reading these journal pages for wuite some time now and have finally decided to put my two cents in. I to am a lifelong migraine sufferer. I have frequent, throbboing, sick to my stomach, just let me die headaches. I have been to pain centers, GP's and neurologists and they all come to the same conclusion, I have migraines. Surprise surprise!!!! I have tried all prescriptions, beta-blockers, and channel blockers and anti-migraine medicines. I am told that I am 1 in 20 who do not respond to these type of treatments. I find myself very frustrated with the fact that if you have frequent headaches they automatically assume you are a drug addict, because back pain and migraines are undeterminable. The doc's say anyone can come in here complaining of a migraine or back ache and we can't tell you whether you have one or not (until I vomited on his shoes), he treated me then. But alot of the time you go to the ER and they don't want to treat you with narcotics because of this new policies about prescribing them unless you are dying. I don' respond to anything else and alot of these new meds like Zomig can't be taken because of my diabetes, but once you are labeled, "DRUG_USER" only by suspicion then they all tend to follow. Is there anyone else out there who has the same problem getting treated? If so, how do you manage getting help? Please let me know because I am realy rather tired of living with PAIN!!!!!!!
Berta <>
USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 12:40:58 PM
I suffer from migraines. I've also suffered from seizures. While a doctor diagnosed Epilepsy, and I took Dilantin, I'm not so convinced I had epilepsy. I'm wondering if the seizures were a result of the migraines. Does anyone know anything about the correlation of seizures and headaches, or have experience with it? Please e-mail me. Thanks.
Michele <>
Rochester Hills, MI USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 10:49:26 AM
This is the first time I've posted but have been visiting this site off & on for about a year. Currently I'm taking Zomig & the side effects seem alittle less than with the Imetrix. Like most of you, I've tried various meds, with not much luck. Preventatives have never made any difference, though I may go back to taking Feverfew again. My Dr just told me about Magnesium Citrate (750 mg daily) as a preventative. I couldn't find the "citrate" any where other than a liquid form for laxitive use.But I was able to order it through Puritan Pride vitamin/herb catalog. Has any one heard of this? Will the magnesium help stop the vascular spasms, open up the vessels? I'm willing to try just about anything after 33 years of migraines.(I'm 44) At this point I'm not working. The headaches were worse than ever, along with the migraines I was having neck & head pain that was totally different almost daily. So after a leave of absence I made the decision to quit my job last month. I have mixed felings about that! Especially when some one says~must be nice, wish I could stay home~ I say ~yea wish I could have a normal painfree life~. At least we have a place like this to vent, give & receive support & sympathy & to know we're not alone. Feel free to email Thanks~ ~Lynda~
Lynda <>
Nottingham, NH USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 07:59:32 AM
Hi, I've been reading this journal for several months and it has been a real comfort. It is so wonderful to be able to see people share what methods they are using to try and alleviate the migraine pain. I have suffered with tension/stress induced migraines for over 25 years. I have these headaches almost daily. My pain free days I can count on one hand. I'm still able to function at times but at this point I am beyond frustrated with the daily pain. I have been to all the doctors, headache centers and neurologists. I been on all the beta blockers, calcium blockers, bio feedback, accupunture, ganglian blocker in the back of my nose, imitrex, and pain killers. The only thing that seems to help me is Fioricet which is of course habit forming. Now I've heard about Merck's new drug Maxalt. I've done a little research on my own but was wondering if anyone has had any success with using Maxalt. I know it is very expensive. My very kind doctor allows me to have a small amount of Fioricet each week. But she keeps a tight leash on me so that I don't get addicted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Nan
Nancy Trestman <>
Washington Twp., NJ USA - Date: 11/03/98 (Tue) Time: 07:51:51 AM