Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I started migranes at age 41 I will be turning 47 next year. I first controled them with 1 20 mg of Naldol at night. No Migranes for 6 months. Then my internest added elavil at night which made me so so tired I was a zombie all day. So I stopped all of that and just took Imitrex 2x a month at first now they are 3 day migranes 2x a month and I take 4 to 5 Imitrex in a 3 day period. I began the Naldol again and 20 mgs of Prozac. My 19 year old daughter started having migranes every other day the end of her Senior year. She is a 2nd year college student. She has been going to the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, MI. People come from all over the world. She is not totally better but when she remembers her meds she has maybe 1 migrane a week. I'm so glad I found this journal it really helps to know your not alone. <>
USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 10:51:31 AM
Just wanted to share a little info that's along the same line as the last posting concerning caffeine. Years ago I went to one of the best neuros on the east coast. He practiced in Richmond and was really good. Dr. Suter was his name. Anyway, one of his things he had me try was classic coke with a bc powder and a hershey's chocolate bar. I thought it was really strange, especially beings chocolate can be a trigger but he said this aborted lots of migraines of his patients. It did work for me a few times, so what the heck, it'd be worth a try. He also recommended black coffee and the bc powder.
Pam <>
VA USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 08:11:10 AM
I just had an other visit to my new doctor and she explained to me that when you get a migraine your whole system shuts down. So this whole time while I have been shoving painkillers into myself they have been doing nothing but sitting in my stomach waiting for the migraine to stop. That is why we get so sick cause all these pills are shooting through our system at once. Also coffee is good for migraines because a migraine makes your blood vessels open too wide and coffee helps shrink them. A headache makes your blood vessels shrink so coffee will cause more pain. It amazes me that after 25 years of migraines a doctor actually tells me something useful. Why????? She is also a migraine suffer. She is putting me on a prevention med that I will take everyday and a medication that will fool my body into thinking there is no migraine so I can take the third med which is a subpository so it may by pass the stomach which will make me less sick. I will come back and give you the names of the meds as that I can't read her writing. The only bad thing she tells me is that I may be quite sick the first week while by body adjusts to the new meds. But hey 1 week of being sick is worth it if I can stop this pain. Betty
Betty Bissonnette <>
Prescott, on Canada - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 04:55:15 AM
My wife is a migraine sufferer. I am trying to find some new things to help her out. She has been suffering for the past few weeks, off and on, but sometimes lasting for several days. She says she feels like there is a little man in her head chopping wood. She has used Immitrex (sp?) and it doesn't usually help, but does sometimes. Often Excedrin works the best for her so far, but she can't take that at night or she won't be able to sleep. I was just wondering if any of you tried just plain old Excedrin? Also COPE, both of these over the counter drugs contain caffeine which seems to help my wife at times. She does not want to take too much caffeine though. Maybe it works for her since she does not normally take any caffeine, so when she does it helps. I don't know how. We avoid caffeine in our lives, from soda pop to coffee and etc, but for migraines it sure seems to help out. Thanks for the advice of so many of you, I was able to tell her about some meds we never heard of and which we will soon hope to try out... Zomig, Migrainal nasal spray, and AMERGE. Anything else besides the Immitrex? Thanks, Dan Butler
Dan Butler <>
Franklin, PA USA - Date: 11/04/98 (Wed) Time: 09:52:19 PM
I am glad someone mentioned the DEA monitoring the migraine page. We have the right to discuss our migraine problems on the web without the fear of reprisal to ourselves or our doctors by the DEA. It is none of their (excuse my language) damn business. I guess we can't give out any revealing information to our location! Big brother is watching.
Ginny <>
KS USA - Date: 11/04/98 (Wed) Time: 08:03:05 PM
Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a better day today. I just want everyone who's interested to know that the book (Tentatively titled, "Echos of Hell, in the Words of Migraine Sufferers) is going really well. I've almost finished with the first draft, but I'm still a little thin on some topics. Specifically: Good and bad experiences with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.; Funny migraine experiences ; Frightening migraine experiences; and Migraine's interference with school, work, home life, social life, etc. If anyone would like to contribute their stories or comments, please e-mail me. Thanks. Also, to the Good Samaritan and anyone else who's run into the same situation, you've really peaked my interest. I'm going to check with the doctor who helps me with the technical stuff for the book to see if he's ever run into anyone who's had trouble with the DEA for prescribing medications to people who are legitimately suffering chronic pain. I'd be interested in hearing about what sort of questions or messages you've gotten that lead you to believe that the DEA or informants are prying. If I can get enough anecdotal information about this situation, I will include it in the book, so that the public may become a little more aware. I admit that I've never heard about this sort of thing happening, so I'd be willing to bet that the general public is unaware, as well. If you're willing to tell me about it, please e-mail me. And here's to a pain-free day for all of us!
Kristine <>
Brookfield, IL USA - Date: 11/04/98 (Wed) Time: 02:06:14 PM
Hello everyone. I was shocked and surprised to see all these fellow migrane sufferers. I am 25 and recently underwent a total hysterectomy. I was started on premerin 1.25 and WHAM I started getting migranes. I mean massive ones. Sometimes they last 1 to 5 days. I talked to my GYN and he said there was no connection between the hormonres and migranes but 3 different docs contradict him. I tried a lower dose and it didn't work. It made the hot flashes and night sweats to unbearable. I went back on the higher dose and the headaches came back full force. I have tried skipping a few days but it does no good. It is like a double edged sword. I need the hormones but they cause the migranes. I have seen my primary care doc and he prescribed fiorinal,didn't work. Imitrex made me sick and now Midrin is definatley doing nothing. I have had 3 trips to the ER. I called to make an appt. with my doc and it is common practice with active migranes to be treated at the urgent care clinic. Well after the pain meds wear off the pain is back. I am curious if anyone else who is taking hormone replacement suffers the same pain as I do. Loss of vision,nausea,stabbing pain on one side of head or other. Equalibrium off balance. I would appreciate any advice as I will have to be on hormones till well in my 50's and I don't want to live like this. Thank you.
jennifer <>
ct USA - Date: 11/04/98 (Wed) Time: 12:52:36 PM