Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Just a suggestion: I began writing letters to my doc documenting what was happening to me with each new drug we tried, telling him about new research I'd run across, and including suggestions for what I'd like to do next (if I had any!) I found that my doc was much more comfortable about being flexible when he had a running commentary from me IN WRITING in my file. I'm assuming he feels that he has a back-up explanation for his actions that way. I'm happy because I talk to him in my letters like we talk to each other here -- I get the "release" of telling my story in an unhurried way instead of trying to cram all the important stuff into a 15 minute visit. He's happy because it helps him keep tabs on how I'm doing between visits, and it helps us both keep track of where we've been and keeps us thinking of where we might go next. Haven't found the right cure yet, but I've found the right doc!
co USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 09:02:00 PM
Ive tried toradol, doxepine midrine and imitrex.. The only things that work for my migraines are doxepine and toradol. My Doc. won't put me back on them, he says imitrex works just as good. Well I'm 29 and I know what works for me. I need to convince him I know what I'm talking about. I've had a 2 day major migraine. I can't get rid of the pain. My heads about to blow
Karen <>
Monticello, Ia USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 09:00:45 PM
I am 28 years old and have suffered from migraines since I was a child. My neurologist has diagnosed me with migraine-triggered epilepsy. I am currently on the max dose of Neurontin along with several other meds. Was wondering if anyone else suffered with this too and what your using to control them. Any information would be helpful. I think this is a great site Thanks..........Robin
Robin <>
TX USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 08:35:07 PM
Hello everyone, This is my second post here.I was suffering all week from one of my many unbearable migranes. My doctors have concluded that the preparin 1.25 I am taking is basically the cause. Now I need these hormones as I have had a complete hysterectomy and need the pills. I went to the doctors today and he gave me an IV of compozine which is a anti nausea medication but it worked. He said he had done some research on it and that the med has some kind of vasoconstrictor in it. Now I am not making this gospel but it worked for me. I have to be on hormones for many more years and if this compozine will help me with my migranes then I say go for it. Maybe you should ask your docs about it. I hope everyone is well today. Saturday is my birthday and I was not going to be suffering on my day!!!!26!!
Jenifer <>
groton, ct USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 08:12:13 PM
I just ran across something in the "Doctor's Guide" that I thought I would pass along to others. The article states that reseachers warn that "those persons taking antidperessant medication are at increased risk of developing dental cavities and oral infectons". This is because antidepressants cause dry mouth by reducing the ability to secrete saliva. The article also states that patients should be told about the dental risks involved in using antidepressants by their doctor. At ths time most doctors do not inform their patients of this potental danger and the dentists assume the cavities,etc. are caused by poor oral hygeine. Just thought since so many migrainers use antidepressants that this is something that you might like to be made aware of.
Midland, Tx USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 05:30:09 PM
This is the second time that I have entered a "comment" in this journal. I must tell you that I had many suggestions to ease the pain of migraines. I just seem to think that - I am constantly having "different" attacks! I have a lot of different "kinds" of pain when I experience migraines. I have found that an over the counter "sleeping pill" always works very well - when everything else has not worked for pain. The sleeping pain helps one sleep through most of the attack - especially at night. I feel extremely exhausted after a migraine attack, cause this is one of my biggest problems - not being able to sleep. So after an attack - especially if it lasts like a week or more - I am a sleepy mess! Gravol suppositories work quite well if one is in need of sleep. That seems to be my "biggest" problem (besides the pain of course) is the exhaustion I feel - because I can not sleep when I am in soooo much pain! I would really be interested in anyone's suggestions on over the counter drugs that seem to work for people with migraines. I seem to feel like an absolute "druggie" always heading to the doctor to find something through prescriptions that will get rid of the "pain". Well - sometimes - the pain can not be gotten rid of! So - if anyone else has any ideas on off the counter "cures" (though temporary!) - please respond via my e-mail address! Thanx a million and let's all take a minute to wish all migraine sufferers GOOD LUCK - AND A CURE! Maybe with all this positive energy - something will crop up somewhere in the Universe!
Dizzy <>
Edmonton, AB Canada - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 05:16:01 PM
From my experience and from the what I have always been told by doctors, you should only use the caffeine trick at the most, twice a month or you can have caffeine withdrawal if used for a longer period of time.
Tx. USA - Date: 11/05/98 (Thu) Time: 05:14:00 PM