Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I am a 48 year old female who has had migraines since I was a teanager. As I have gotten older I have had less painful migraines, but they last much longer. I still get the really bad ones every 2 to 3 weeks. Those are the ones that you can't do anything but lie down with a pillow over your head to muffle the sound and block the light. Last Sunday the only time I got off the couch in 8 + hours was to take more Fiorinal #3 and to vomit. What I am concerened about is that I have hade a headache for 2 monthes every day except maybe 6 or 7 of those days. It's not constant and it's not severe. Infact sometimes I can't even say that it's pain. The left side is always affected. My left nostril gets swollen and runs. I know that it is not a sinus problem because when I take Fiorinal it goes away. It's not just my nose, that side of my head just does not feel right. I'm afraid that this is rebound headache. I don't understand, though, how I can have a perfectly normal day every once in a while. Actually last Fri. and Sat. I had NO symtoms. Two days in a row! I feels so good not to have to take medication. So far I have not had any trouble getting Fiorinal#3 from my Dr. But, I'm afraid that it will come to that since I've been taking it almost every day. I recently spent time in the mental ward for severe depression. I am taking Paxil 20 mg and Wellbutrin 400 mg for that. What comes first- the headache or the depression?? I am frustrated because it seams like every place that you turn to only looks at thier expertise. But it's all me. I tried to tell the psyciatrist about how much the headaches were affecting my life, but he sayed that we didn't need to talk about it because it was being taken care of by the medical Dr. Do they not realize or care that these things ARE related. I have an appointment with the medical Dr. tomorrow. I'm going to aks her about IV DHE therapy. I only discovered these forum type pages about a week ago. It's been such a comfort to hear from others that have lived this life that others do not understand. That's where I learned about this DHE thing. I'm going on vacation accross the country and I'm scaired to go becaus you cannot ever count on if you will be OK. And of course all the excitement will be a sure thing for the headaches. Thanks for listening
USA - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 10:50:36 AM
Hi everyone........Regarding the article on Dr. Blume.....instead of answering personally, I will write here. Im sorry I can,t respond personally. The article can be found in the October 22, Des Moines Register, page 3M. You may have to look it up at your library. The name of the article is: "Funeral Director to Face Board Disciplinary Action". I will quote the paragraphs that pertain to Dr. Blume. "The State Board of Medical Examiners has charged Sioux CIty Dr. Horst G. Blume, 72, with inappropriately prescribing controlled drugs to several chronic pain patients. Board documents say Blume prescribed exorbitant amounts of pain relievers, including barbiturates and cocaine, to numerous patients for years at a time. He also treated migraine patients with cocaine flakes documents say. The board also charged Blume with failing to prepare treatment plans or obtain proper consultation for patients. Blume was consulting with patients Tuesday and did not return telephone calls. Blume already had served a probation for a 1990 board action charging him with misuse of prescriptions and poor record keeping." End of article. I have personally never visited Dr. Blume, although I live only 2 hours away. I suspect he has helped many of you out there, and I am so sorry that this has happened. I dint know if there have been any consequences as a result of this investigation. Would any of you patients of Dr. Blume write and tell me how he has helped/treated you. I thank hou in advance.
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IA USA - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 10:26:21 AM
To Denise: You are right in saying the journal is NOT the place to address that message to. You should've emailed me from another screenname like you did in an email. Just to let all of the readers of this journal know MY part of statement Denise wrote...I have already gone thru a computer that cost me $3500.00 due to viruses and due to my negligence in *trusting* everyone therefore, opening up anything that was sent to me. There is more to the story than just what Denise provided tho and I don't care to get into it. I want to appologize to the readers that entered this site hoping to find info on migraines and instead found an irrelevant posting that had nothing to do with migraines whatsoever! The reason why I was so concerned about the "virus" is becuz the title of what I was told that it was called, I opened it up just a few seconds prior to finding out about it and my gosh, who wouldn't freak out? I mean, I thought my system was being tampered with by hoaxes and hackers. Trust me, it CAN happen! It did to me on my first computer and what a waste of money that was! Again to all my migraine buds..sorry about her irrelevant posting and for mine here, but I thought I needed to clarify some things that were only explained half way. Thanks! I hope everyone is doing well. I can feel another migraine coming on again...humm..I wonder why? Jana
Jana <>
USA - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 10:21:12 AM
I have not been to a Doctor yet, but after what happened yesterday i think I will go. For the past few years ,and possibly longer now that I have an idea of what I may be experiencing, I would get,not often thank goodness, a sudden flashing pattern of light and much difficulty with focusing without pain for about 1/2 an hour and then numbness in my eye then a throbing pain on one side and feeling sick to my stomach and my face then gets very hot. I also become very tired and sensitive to light. It is very scary when it starts with my eyes. I usually give myself an anxiety attack from being nervous. For years I though I was sufferingfrom low blood sugar, but a friend told me it was an optical migraine. I searched the net found out that it might be migraine with aura. I have been having a problem with mold in my house and have been sick for a few weeks with hives and a cough. I am thinking that may have caused it plus I have been stressing on things lately. Does this sound to you like a migraine? I would like to hear from some of you who have experienced similar suymptoms and how you deal with it. It might help to calm me since it makes me very nervous wondering when it will happen again. Thanks for any help you may offer. Lisa
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PA USA - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 08:33:28 AM
Hi again, My migraine is back and they won't give me anything at the hospital. Jerks they don't know what it's like. I can't see my Dr. untill wed. night and that is a long time with this pain. I can't sleep, I can't eat or drink and my family has had it with me this time. I hope I can get some relief soon, I can't take much more, My Stadol is not working and thats all I have I have to get the Nubain from the Dr, Well I have to go and I'm going to try to sleep
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columbia, ca USA - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 03:32:55 AM
Hi I posted a few weeks ago and have gotten some very wonderful e-mails from fellow chronic daily migraine sufferers. Just read over some of the new posts and there are a few of you in the same daily migraine cycle. Mine have been daily since 1993- had a concussion in 1986 on duty and the migraines began. Have tired over 50 meds and dozens of treatments and hospitalizations over the past 5 years. Am now on heavy narcotics- the only thing that gives me some relief and makes life bearable. Feel free to contact me and we will talk about options. I was medically retired from my career in Jan '96 and am on disablity. Life is very tough from the constant unremitting pain over 5 years- but we survive (thats about all we do ). And to Judy Barron from London Ontario- you can get disability from the Canadian Fed gov't- I will tell you what you must do- help is out there- I know i am getting some. regards, annette zamoyski (captain, retired) Lakefield, Quebec, Canada
Annette Zamoyski <>
Lakefield, QC Canada - Date: 11/10/98 (Tue) Time: 02:01:27 AM
Correction to Jana. The email that was forwarded to you told you of a potental virus and it warned you not to open any email if the subject read "Open:Very Cool:)" . This forwarded email contained nothing itself, just a warning of what not to open if you received email labeled that way. Nothing was in the warning, except a warning.
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