Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Mark C, I get the electrical feeling also. Not with every migraine and sometimes I don't even get a headache with it. It is bright flashes of light and an electrical buzzing sensation like I am being electricuted or something. Have you found anything that stops these? Thanks, Marina
Marina <>
USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 04:59:03 PM
What's worse than a migraine? A migraine with a class full of fourteen year old BD kids. If it weren't for the Zomig, I'd be dead. I was wondering if anyone has been taking Prozac for five years or more as I have. I was originally given the drug for migraine prophylactic, not for depression. Twice before I have tried to stop taking it. The migraines returned with a vengeance. Is it possible that the long-term modification of the neurotransmitters has made it impossible for me ever to come off Prozac? Also, now I am suffering from depression and insomnia, and the Prozac does nothing. Has anyone been given more than the 20mg per day; if so, just how much Prozac is it possible to take without causing serious side effects? I still have migraines, of course, but only one a week instead of twice or three times a week. I noticed that someone else had written in this journal they had insomnia. Could it be a side effect of long-term use of such drugs as you all have mentioned? I keep my depression quiet. I feel ashamed about the inability to deal with the problem better than I am. I thought when I got older, they would stop. I thought the hysterectomy would radically change the pattern, intensity, etc. I was wrong. I believe that I shall spend the remainder of my life with these nasty things. My parapro has migraines as well. She was given the new drug, Maxalt. Is it in the same class as the Zomig and Imitrex?
GA USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 04:53:16 PM
hey - has anyone heard of a way to order medications on line without prescriptions? if you have an address or phone # to do this, please e-mail me. I saw on the news yesterday that this is possible........
wa USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 04:46:26 PM
OK people, it has been a week and I am happy to report - NO HEADACHES!!! I can't remember the last time this has happened. I am going to attribute my pain free week to the nortriptylene. Commonly used as an anti-deppressant (in high dosages, ie 150mgs), in low dosages (ie, 25mgs), is relatively side-effect free and keeps the seratonin levels in your brain at a constant level. Let's hope this continues and I didn't just jinx myself!! Take care everyone!!
Jeannette <>
New York, NY USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 04:06:53 PM
I have had some interesting correspondance with members of this forum, thanks for your interest and advice. The situation at my house is going so well! My 14 year old son, who had cluster migraine onset at age 11 and had developed a predictable 4-6 week pattern has been without a headache since Aug. 11. We attribute the miracle to the cessation of his cyproheptadine (used preventatively)and a switch from plain Feverfew to a Feverfew with Magnesium, ginger root and willow bark. Keep your fingers crossed for his continued relief. I have tried to read all the journal entries from way back. Such heartbreaking misery. I am truly sorry for the folks who are missing their normal family lives due to their affliction and admire the bravery of those with the attitude of 'one day at a time'. I really feel for you. I wonder why there has been no mention of oxygen therapy in any of the entries? I have read compelling articles that there is some merit to the use if started quickly enough. In our case, it had no effect that we could see. But theoretically, it does make sense that a better oxygen supply to the brain during headaches would be of some benefit. Has anyone had any good experience? As a nurse in the ER, (22 years) I have never ceased to be amazed at the people who come for "headache relief" and are out in the parking lot smoking, waiting their turn. It is my absolute belief that smoking should be the first thing to go along with the caffiene, nitrites, alcohol, etc. I actually sat in the neurologist's office with my brave, brave son one time with a patient who was sitting there balancing her checkbook, stopped and delicately used Stadol nasal spray and went back to her calculations. Folks, I don't need to tell you--that ain't no migraine!!! I don't mean to get any flames going here, I have suffered migraines, am the daughter of a sufferer and (worst) the mother of a sufferer. I just want to get one other thing off my chest: it is Tie-lah-nol, not ty-nol, it is Fen-er-gan not fen-ah-gran, it is Fee-ore-ah-nol not fur-nol. And it is not di-di-di-uh, something, oh yeah dilaudid. (allergic to EVERYthing else) . Sorry, I am a bad typist even without a headache, but please pronounce it correctly--you'll have a lot more credibility in the ER. I know. Victoria
Victoria <>
Purcellville, Va USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 03:09:14 PM
LAUREN..... yes, yes,yes,....I am one of the unfortunates that can't take zomig or imitrex because of the rebound problem. I'M REALLY JEALOUS OF ALL OF YOU THAT CAN USE THAT STUFF! All i have to take is one days worth of it and I'll have two following days of the sickest most depressingly painful, untreatable migraines i've ever had in my entire life. It's especially a bummer because when i first tried it i was thrilled because i thought my migraine problem was solved. It completely erased my migraine with one dose. 2 days later I WAS IN HELL. Still in a rebound mode that may take months to break... yuck..LAUREN, feel free to e-mail me.... wendy
wendy <>
stratford, ct USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 02:57:20 PM
I was reading about a few of you One was Barbara, I think, that gets an electrical feeling as well. I do that also. I do not really get a sever headache, however, when I get these, I am sensitive to light, but no real headache. Somtimes I get flashing lights, other times just the electrical "shock" that can happen all through the day. Seems as though something is triggering them visually.
Mark C <MChris000@m>
USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 02:48:07 PM