Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I was reading the migraine journal in hopes of finding some info. to help my 13 yr. old daughter. I have great empathy for all the migraine sufferers because I know what a debilitating and daily life-robbing enigma a migraine can be. I will get directly to the point......her neurologist has suggested we try Paxil (paroxetine HCL) as a result of my daughter having a migraine for the first time in her life that lasted on and off but mostly on for about a month. We tried all the pain meds.....advil, alleve, fiorinal, lortab, no avail really. She missed alot of school but the headache finally went away on its own I know the Paxil had nothing to do with it as we were only on the 4th day of it. I am reluctant and hesitant to put my daughter on this serious drug but my husband and I have decided to continue in hopes of "hedging our bets" to prevent another onset of this migraine because she can not risk missing that much school again. Does anyone have any feedback for us about Paxil for migraines??? I am going to fax her doctor today and ask her to send us any articles and info also but she is so extremely busy I don't know when she or her office staff will get around to it. I would appreciate any responses to our quandry that I receive. Thanks ever so.
Kathryn Witty <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 06:46:46 AM
Hello fellow migrane sufferers...I am writing because I need feedback from those of you who have suffered from migranes and have been pregnant with them. I have been treated for five years for my almost daily migranes and am trying to get pregnant...I would like to know what meds, if anything, have shown to be SAFE and effecitve during pregnancy. I have been told by several doc's that fioricet w/codiene is okay- but am wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. In a perfect world no meds would be my dream- but I don't think I can endure nine months of the chronic pain...If anyone has advice please email me. Thanks.
kati <>
USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 02:17:42 AM
I am so grateful to have found this site. As of June 98 I have had a constant headache that started after a fun game of frisby followed by a building pressure on top of my head followed by intense pain behind my left eye with a numbing feeling starting in my left hand traveling up my arm. I thought I was having a heart attack. I'm 26 yrs. old I thought I was to young for this stuff guess not. I have been to neuro. after the doctors in town finally admitted that they didnt know what to do and keeping me on pain killers (valium & fenegren) for about 3 months decided I should go to a specialist. I did after I had an MRI which didnt show anything unusual. All the blood work that I have had done comes out normal. I miss the life I had before I had the migranes. People ask you what is wrong with you and you tell them you have a migraine they either look at you or tell you to get on with your life. I'ts real easy for them to say that since they are not the ones that are suffering! I used to be physically active but that was before I got the "big one". Now I can't do any thing that will get me excited, overexerted, I can't even watch a good movie without a banger coming on. I refuse to live my life this way!! I am currently taking 50 mg of Imitrex, 80 mg depakote, 25 mg propranol. This is the fifth moth of taking drugs, I did start out taking 25 mg of imitrex after midrin and butalbital did nothing except keep me up at night . Like I had trouble getting sleep with the headache. Now like so many of you the 50 mgs are starting not to work. I'm up to the limit and if I skip a couple of days I end up paying big time!! I used to be the type of person who hated to depend on anybody for anything, now I have no choice. Do any of you know of a way to work around your jobs? I have not been able to work due to the sudden onset of the migraines and so far they have been pretty decient about it. but like I said earlier, if they don't suffer they have no idea what you are going thru. The first doctor that I went thru told me to "buck up and get over it" easy for him to say! needles to say I did get to a bigger city with more choices of neuros. I have just moved back to Salmon where a "big" city is at least four hours away to any decient doctors. If any of you have any suggestions dont be shy!!!!! good luck!
Jennifer D.
Salmon, Id USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 11:15:33 PM
In response to Martha: Don't be ashamed that you are depressed - get help now!
Pamela <I'd rather not>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 10:45:51 PM
Good point about typing in all caps!! I know that people have wonderful intentions when they share their stories on this site, but it's extremely difficult to read the postings when they're typed in all caps!
USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 06:22:30 PM
In response to Martha, I was put on 40mg of Prozac daily and I found that taking it in the morning helped the insomnia. I took to every morning and that helped. Any questions, write me. Thanks carolyn
OH USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 05:22:06 PM
I finally called today for an appointment to see an accupuncturist. I'm so excited. She's able to see me tomorrow ! She said that she'll spend over an hour just to interview me & that she's looking forward to treating me! Imagine that, someone actually looking forward to a migraineur walking in the door! I was also very pleased with her saying that as few as 4 - 6 treatments should be effective & that if I don't notice a quick difference, she'll refer me to someone else who can help me. My God, I feel a little positive for the first time in many many years. The discovery of Imitrex made me feel like this because it was so effective at first, but now it only works sometimes, I'm scared of it, & it costs too much. An alternative to drugs is just so exciting to me. Wish me luck !!
Catherine <>
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA - Date: 11/23/98 (Mon) Time: 05:15:07 PM