Journal of Migraine Sufferers

For all you looking for info on paxil, try this medline site: I hope this helps.
Jacksonville Beach, FL USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 10:25:49 PM
To Kathryn Witty: Don't worry too much about your daughter being on paxil. I was on paxil for about three years. The only reason I had to go off of it was that it aggrevated another disorder that I have that is totally unrelated to migraines. It did not cause the disorder; just aggrevated it. I would still be on the paxil today if not for that, for it was one of the better migraine preventatives that I have tried. My neurologist now has me on neurontin. It works, and has helped, but I don't think it has helped as well as the paxil did. I hope you at least give this medication a chance. It may keep the migraines from getting out of hand. It did for me. Happy Thanksgiving to all in our migraine family. Thanks especially to Ronda for having this journal, and for it being such a wonderful place to vent and pass on useful info.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 07:49:29 PM
This will be the second time that I have posted on this page. I went into the hospital for DHE-45 yesterday and the medication gave me a horrific headache (as do Imatrex and Zomig). Has anyone else had this happen? So now I am waiting for my neurologist to call me back and let me know what the next step is. His secretary has let me know that he doesn't think that there is a next step. This will be the second neurologist to tell me that there is nothing more that can be done for me. I have tried nearly everything and at this point I can find no relief for my four month and running long headache. The ER won't treat me anymore, and all my meds at home don't even put a dent in the pain. I am 21 years old and can do NOTHING. I have had to take a leave from school and next semester isn't looking to promising. I need some help, but can no longer find any relief. Any suggestions? Shannan
Shannan <>
OR USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 03:58:52 PM
To Darleen: I don't know about anyone else, but I cannot eat pumpkin pie. I had some last Thanksgiving and within 2 hours I had the most horrendous headache. My whole head was throbbing like mad and the whole day was ruined. I don't know what's in it, but it definitely gives me a splitting headache. Good luck if you have it this year. Let us know how you do with it. Joanie
MI USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 02:50:20 PM
Well, hello fellow pain sufferers! Yesterday I was at work with another horrible migraine which I had hoped to fight off. Well, I lost the battle. By noon, my head hurt so badly, I had to have a co-worker drive me home. Where I still am. My Midrin is doing absolutely nothing, but I'm hoping to avoid a trip to the ER. I can't stand having to constantly describe the pain to another new doctor. That alone can add to a headache. I took a HOT bath and laid down with an ice pack for most of the day today. I finally couldn't stand laying around anymore. It was so nice and quiet in the house though. I finally started to drift off to sleep, but forgot to turn off the phone. Well, it rang and startled me and I jumped up. Big mistake. As you all know, no bending over or quick movements. All that for a stupid sales call. Now my head is back to pounding....both temples are going at it and my neck and shoulders ache. I am so glad we have this site to vent on and complain. It's such a relief to be able to talk about symptoms and the pain without getting that, Oh just suck it up, look. Sometimes I just feel like someone is standing above me with 2 hammers just hitting both sides of my head at the same time. The weird thing is, I have no nausea with this, just an excrutiating headache that will NOT let up. I really, really hope to stay out of the ER, but if this throbbing keeps up, I'm afraid that's where I'll be headed, because I cannot miss another day of work tomorrow. Oh well........I hope you all have a pain free day. I have to try and stop some of this pain before my husband gets home. But, I don't know, because my head's about to blow.........ugh!!!!!! God Bless Everyone! Joanie
Allendale, MI USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 02:45:51 PM
Does anyone know if the flu shot can cause migraines? If anyone has had the flu shot please let me know if there was a reaction to it, good or bad. Also, I love pumpkin pie and I can't find any info as to whether or not it is ok to eat or will cause a migraine. Please let me know. Thanks, Darleen
Phoenixville, PA USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 01:18:48 PM
I just found this journal this morning and feel like I have hit the jackpot. Just to know how many other people (unfortunatly)are going throught the same things I am. Here's my story. I began getting headaches when I was 11 years old. At that time, they ran a number of tests, including a cat scan. They didn't find anything. 12 years later I am still searching for answers. I have been on Tenormin, Elavil, on and off birth control and tons of Tylenol. Nothing helps. They say I have migraines, but I don't get any of the other symptoms (aura, nausia,etc) I get my headaches every day. Even before I open my eyes I can feel my head pounding. I am taking things into my own hands and demanding that I be re-tested for everything. Then, if everything is ok I will look into acupuncture or something like that. My dislike for prescription drugs has been strengthened by reading some of the horrible side effects other people in this journal have had. I am much too young to start medication for the rest of my life. Especially since my husband and I would like to start our family in the next year or two, I am very concerned about the effects the meds have on pregnancy. Doctors are so quick to write out a prescription. And I am so tired of the condescending pat on the head that accompanies their response. This pain is real. This sounds mean, but I wish every doctor could experience what we are going through just for a few days. I am sure they would start to take more of an interest. Anyways, that's it. Thanks for all of the journal entries. I will be checking in often.
Cananda - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 01:14:03 PM