Journal of Migraine Sufferers

To Jenni in Canada and any others taking large amounts of tylenol or excedrin. My doc really feels that these drugs cause rebound headaches. if you are used to taking them everyday, you may be causing your own pain (sorry from a fellow migraine suffer that was not a very compassionate phrase) but he says that these should be taken no more than twice a week. also getting off the daily tylenol or excedrin may be painful for a while, but i have a friend at work that recently did it and after a few days she felt better than she had in weeks. i know its frustrating to hear that from someone, let alone from one who understands the pain and the lengths we go through to stop it. there are non asperin or tylenol based drugs that help me, and i hope some of you can find them too. right now zomig is the wonder drug for me. i say that with hesitation because i used to feel that way about imitrex which now only works for a few hours for me. i hope everyone has a safe, pain free thanksgiving. a few hints that work for me - stay away from dishes that contain any campbells soup, it has MSG in it which is a big trigger for a lot of people. also, watch out for ham - its aged meat which often contains nitrates or msg. Good luck to all staying pain free.
Alicia Dagosta <>
omaha, ne USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 08:18:56 AM
To John about the Imetrix "hang over". Yes, the after effects from the drug wipes me out almost as bad as the Migraine. I'm now taking Zomig & the side effects & drug hang over don't seem quite as bad. It's funny you mentioned the aching all over. A few years ago I had the strangest symptoms of pain & weakness in my wrists & hands. It was severe,I literally could not hold or put on a coat or hold onto the steering wheel or push open doors. The DR did a "sediment" blood test for arthritis, which showed nothing. I told him the achiness wasn;t new, I'd had it all over often. This has flared up many times but not always severe. Some times it's a vague total body ache, & usually effects my hands so that I can't pick up a cup in the a.m. Recently I started wondering if the Triptan drugs were the cause??? I first was on Imetrix injections, then the pill, now on Zomig pill. When I mention this to DRs & asked about Fibromyalgia I don't get an answer. But I haven't asked about the Imetrix/Zomig connection. Any one have this kind of thing happening as an after effect? Thanks, Lynda
USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 08:17:24 AM
Iam a classic migraine suffer. I thjink that this is one the best sites that I have found on the inter-net for headache suffers. Thank you Rhoda for this page, so that we may vet all of frustration of being a migraine suffer. IT MAKES US FEEL THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY!! Happy Thanksgiving to all and your familes!
Harry <>
woodland, ca USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 12:25:17 AM
Here's a Toast..may we all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm trying to avoid getting the big H by laying off using too much salt, and trying to keep too much refined sugar from finding it's way into my mouth. To all my new family in this journal both near and far, have a wonderful painfree day.....
USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 11:34:50 PM
Wonderfull to find this site. Inever had bad headaches untill I tuned 40 and spent 2 months in hospital checking for stroke heart problems brain tumors only to find out that the headache and seizues I was suffering were complex migranes. does anybody get a hungover feeling after injecting Imatrex. after a shot I spend the next day aching all over . john
Richmond Hill, on Cananda - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 11:26:20 PM
Once again, my apologies. The information below on a site for paxil doesn't really give the information directly, but just the citations of recent scientific studies on paxil. So you need to be pretty ambitious to follow it up. Oh well, it's a start for those of you who want to go to the trouble fo following it up
USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 10:39:40 PM
I see the URL didn't reproduce. Let me try again: Sorry it's such a long one. Lots of room for error. I found it through medline, so if that URL doesn't work, try a medline search using the key words Paxil & migraine
USA - Date: 11/24/98 (Tue) Time: 10:29:06 PM