Journal of Migraine Sufferers

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I am not a judgemental person but Victoria's post made me a little more than angry. First, I would like to correct your thought that caffine should be taken out of a migrainer's diet. Many pain medicines (mostly those that are made specifically FOR migraines), such as feoranol and Migranol, contian caffine. Maybe you and your son respond negativly to caffine, but each person has thier own triggers and cures. Second, as a health care professional, I don't think that you should be passing judgment on the woman in the waiting room using Stadol. People (myself included) who experience daily migraines must sometimes learn to function through the pain, and drugs like stadol may knock some people out, but for some, it is possible to function at least half way coherantly. Up until this semester, I would take meds like stadol and continue to write a 20 page paper on the First Amendment violations of the House Committe on UnAmerican Activities (my pain ins so bad now that I am on leave). Also, with stadol dosage, many doctors prescribe one spray and then a second one hour later, even if the headache is gone. This woman may have gotten relief from the first spray. Either way it is unfair for you to judge. Finally, no matter how many visits to the doctor and no matter how many prescriptions a person has been given, some people may find the pronunciation of some meds more difficult than others. You went to school and have been trained to pronounce these medications correctly. You cannot expect a patient to have as much knowledge as you do, just as I don't expect you to speak fluent French. This site is supposed to be a sanctuary for those in pain, not another place where someone else is passing judgment. Shannan
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or USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 06:12:31 PM
Here is an answer to the question about on-line meds....try Have a pain free holiday
USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 06:00:52 PM
HELLO EVERYBODY! This is my first time writing here. In fact, I just happened to stumble across this website when I was looking for advice on my headaches. It's comforting to know that there are so many of us out there, and I don't suffer alone. My migraines started after an accisent I had in grade 3 at the age of 8. I was pushed on the monkey bars and ended up hanging by my neck. I have had headaches every day since then (I'm 19 now), and migraines about every two months that last from 3-7 days each. I have tried the chiropractor for about 10 years, although I don't think it helps, and have lately been trying massage therapy since stress and tension adds to my headaches also. I have never tried Imitrex or other prescription drugs for my headaches (except codine which does nothing at all), but I do use over the counter medicines, which I know can cause rebounds. From taking pills for so many years many years, I went from having a cast-iron stomache to having to choose what I eat carefully since almost everything upsets me. I was wondering if anyone knows of any herbal remedies or treatments available? I want relief, but I don't want to take all those drugs. HELP!!! Leann
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Canada - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 04:40:41 PM
Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and most of all, to say "Thanks" to all that sent e-mail to me. Getting the mail was graet. Timing was perfect, just when I needed to be reminded that I'm not alone. I responded to some of the mail I received and told them that I was doing OK. Should know better than to brag too soon. So, I'm in the grips of a real splitter now. Trying to ride it out 'cause my doc seems to be losing his compassion. The clinic put me on a Duragesic patch last month. I don't like the idea of being medicated everyday, but I have to admit that it seems to help. Problem is that if I get a headache that the patch won't kill, they're reluctant to medicate me, even though I've been decreasing the number of times that I've been in for help. Doesn't make alot of sense to me. I downloaded a section of the journal and plan to drop it on my Doc's desk. A little bathroom reading for him! Anyway, it's nice to read all the entries and see the things that have been tried and retried (under redundent, see redundent!). For those who seem as frustrated as I've been, there's always hope. I've felt for years that if I keep doing the footwork and leaving no stone unturned, that someday, I'll find the answer or answers to all of this. At that point we can all say to our docs "I told you so!". To all that celebrate Thanksgiving, have a good one. I know that one of the things that I'm thankful for this year is all of you and for this web site. God Bless, Steve
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Madison, WI USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 03:43:12 PM
I am 36 soon to be 37. I have had migraines since I was 7. I have tried Midrin, Imitrix Tabs, Maxalt, imitrix nasal, Fiorinal, and Tropal. The Tropal made my hair fall out. It was'nt working so after taking it for 4 months I stopped. I take the Fiorinal everyday. I am so tired of taking drugs. I made an app. with a neuro-doc and it was a dissaster. He checked my reflexes gave me samples and sent me on my way. The second visit after sitting in the waiting room an hour. I got 3 minutes of the good docs time, and a prescription that was written incorectly. When the pharmacy called the office they would'nt confirm it over the phone. Well needless to say I won't be seeing the good doc again. My problem is now I'm afraid to go to another nuero-doc.I was in the ER in Sept. for a bad one. It took 2 shots of Demoral to get things under control. I live daily with migraines. I know if it were'nt for my kids I would have put a bullet through my painfilled head along time ago. I feel so useless sometimes. I get nothing done because of these god-awful headaches. I have pouted enough for now . Thanks For Being Here!!!
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Ky USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 02:32:35 PM
Hey guys - I just got an e-mail from my net administrator that says there is a nasty virus folating around out there. This news came directly from microsoft (here in seattle) and the e-mail reads "win a Holiday". If you get any e-mail like this DONT OPEN IT!! It will wipe out your entire hard drive. Have a great pain free holiday y'all.
seattle, wa USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 12:12:20 PM
I've had headaches all my life Recently, the headache pattern has changed. My doctor has scheduled a "c-t" scan. I've never heard of this. I am familiar w/CAT scans and PET scans...anybody else had a c-t scan? Here's to a happy headache free Thanksgiving:) Louisa
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austin, tx USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 11:34:53 AM