Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I too suffer from migranes. I just got back from the doctor today, after complaining of having a persistant, pulsing headache for over 3 1/2 weeks. I of course, was perscribed Esgic. After reading what others have had to say about their experiences, It seems that I have just fallen into the hands of the doctor. I am actually starting to believe in Herbal Medicine. I read a book that said "feverfew" is a great herb that it not only stops the pain, but prevents the pain if taken daily. Could be worth a try. It also helps with the common cold or flu, per my Pharmacist. I enjoy a site on the web that is a Dr. who believes completely in natural medicine. His name is Dr. Weil. You can write to him and ask questions. Again, it's worth a try!
Donica <>
lake forest, ca USA - Date: 11/26/98 (Thu) Time: 12:25:18 AM
Dear partners in pain, I recently kicked the cafergot and codeine habit, and sufferred a constant low grade headache for several weeks. I have preferred to avoid the tryphtanol-Sibellium combination which my neurologist prescribed because 1) it was making me too drowsy 2) it was making me fat and 3) i was worried about the long term effects on my neurotransmitters, and liver functioning. I take the following combination of herbs and viatmins: gincko, vit E, B2, magnesium, fish oil, fever few. I only take advil for pain now, but keep imitrex on hand for emergencies. I eat a diet high in raw vegetables and fruits, and eschew processed foods. I avoid any MSG like the plague. I exercise regularly. I read with interest the herbal FAQ on this site, and it suggested chromium piccolate. Weightlifters often use this to favilitate a slow realease of insulin and acheive greater weight loss. I will add this to my regime soon. Thanks for ur help Ronda and everyone else. I wonder why migraines are sufferred more by females than males? Any theories? Also does anyone know any discussion groups for migraine sufferers? Bye all
hotchilly <>
USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 11:54:40 PM
Does anyone have any information regarding a class action lawsuit involving the use of Stadol Nasal Spray for migraines? I had read something about it before on the internet, but can't find it again. It was a lawyer who posted something like "if you have taken Stadol nasal spray for migraines between the year of 19__ and 19__, contact me at _________....." Anyway, if anyone has any info about this, please post it on the journal. Thank you so much and I wish all of us a migraine-free Thanksgiving!
IL USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 09:59:09 PM
Hi...this is my first time to write in The Journal. I need help in dealing with rebound pain. It feels like a vicous cycle. If I take analgesic I am at risk for rebound headache. I f I don't take medication I get a headache. So far the preventive medication have not alleviated daily migraines, Does anyone have experience with Cardizan ? Elizabeth EWHIT 1751 San Francisco
Elizabeth <EWHIT1751>
SanFrancisco SanFrancisco , CA USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 09:25:01 PM
Thank God for this web page. I found this page while doing some research on my daughters migraines (she is 8 years old). I to suffer from migraines. It started after the birth of my 2nd child in 1991. I tuffed it out untill 1995 when the pain became un-real. I ended up in the local ER and since then have seen a Neurologists, Chiropractor, 2-MD's & a DO. I've had no luck with any of them. Most won't give pain meds and the rest want you to take several combos. of different drugs. I've tried it all and the only thing that works is Maxalt and Lorcet. When ever I have to go to the ER, alot of Dr's and nurses treat you like you are looking for a fix and have no idea what its like living day to day with this pain. I only pray that my daughter doesnt have to go thru what I have for the past 3 1/2 years. I hope that suffers out there who have a doctor who will give them pain meds truly appreciate it. I need to know if anyone currently or who have previously taken Maxalt have suffered from memory loss. It's my only side effect. I know its not the Lorcet because I have taken this on a few occassions in the past and never had this problem before. I've tried beta blockers, heart meds, anti-depressants, Imitrex, Depakote, Fiorcet with caffeine, T-3's, & Vicidone. The only thing to date that works is Maxalt and Lorcet. I would be intrested in hearing from anyone who has tried something else that works and if anyone has children with migraines what they went thru to help or what works. My poor baby, I feel so bad for her and I dont want her to go thru what I do. Please E-Mail me back at Thank-You and I hope everyone is pain free this holiday season. Cindy
Cindy C <>
Lansing, MI USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 08:22:09 PM
In response to Shannon who responded to Ms. Victoria; YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I get enough attitude out there, i certainly don't need it in here. Here's to a happy headache free holiday!!!!! wendy
WENDY <bluetulip@aol. com>
stratford, ct USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed) Time: 08:05:37 PM
Hi all, Just a quick note to say I hope everyone has a great "Turkey Day" Things here are better. The migraine last Sunday lasted four days (like usual) hopefully it won't come back (wishful thinking huh) You all take care and god bless.
Carol <Flames>
OK USA - Date: 11/25/98 (Wed)