Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello everyone! Jana here. Did everyone make it through Thanksgiving without a migraine? Luckily, I did. Thank goodness! I have a major concern tho and that is, I am finding myself having to take Tylenol #4 on a daily basis again. I am so disappointed in myself! I have quite a few major stressors in my life right now that does not help my migraines and am hoping once I have them resolved that maybe I can slowly taper off the T4's once again. I feel like such a failure, but what am I to do? Suffer? NOT!! I think not! I am on Elavil 50mg in the morning. I cannot take it at night due to insomnia, so my neuro doc has me take it in the am instead of the pm. I really do not know if the Elavil is really working, but am scared to d/c it in fear of a major severe migraine. I have a question for you all....does anyone ever dream about having a migraine, then actually wake up to find out that a migraine is in full force? Yikes! That has been happening to me quite abit lately. I wonder why it is that that happens? Hummm?? I hope all of you have a wonderful pain free week ahead. I want to thank everyone (you know who you are!) (Denise! :) ) for all the wonderful support ya'll have given me! Take care and I welcome any/all emails. Be well! ~Jana~ 8-)
Jana <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 11:50:41 PM
This is the first time I have been in this site. After a killer migraine last night, I thought I had better check into these. I have suffered from migraines for quite sometime, but, my husband does not quite understand why they knock me on my butt and that I cannot deal with anything or anyone. I have always taken tylenol for them but last night's migraine was too much of a match for the tylenol. I had taken 2 Excedrine Migraines, 3 Extra-strength Tylenols within about an hour of each other. Nothing helped. All it did was make me extremly dizzy and I thought my head was going to explode off of my shoulders. I am not interested in taking anything daily. Can anyone out there give me some suggestions? Thanks and this is a really great site.
Pam <>
London, Ont, Can - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 08:04:16 PM
To Isobel: I do not experience a particular smell at the onset, however, I do experience a highened sense of smell in general. My doctor said that althogh this is not as common as photophobia, it is experienced my many migraine sufferers.
Shannan <>
OR USA - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 06:53:52 PM
Thanks so much for everyone's mail and suggestions. Laura, your suggestion about BAM (basilar artery migraine) proved very helpful. I did find the page, it's at This is a great page, they also have a mailing list similar to this one, and give a very detailed account of what BAM is all about, certainly worth checking out for all migraine sufferers. This is probably what my aunt suffered from and which resulted in her stroke. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Talk to you all soon. Sabina
Sabina <>
AZ USA - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 03:21:40 PM
Please - does anyone "out there" have any experience of Retinal Migraine? ie: affecting one eye at a time (visual disturbances). Also - an intense feeling of terror associated with a Classical visual aura?
UK - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 02:56:11 PM
This is to Sabina regarding high blood pressure and migraines. My blood pressure also goes sky high when I have a migraine! The docs have said this is normal for your blood pressure to go up when you are in severe pain. My problem is that I am currently being treated for high blood pressure even when I don't have a headache. I am on 240 mg Calan twice a day and recently had to go from 150 mg Avapro once a day to 300 mg Avapro once a day. I am really surprised that the ER gave you Imetrix at the hospital with your blood pressure so high. My doctor is scared for me to take imetrix, zomig or Amerge until we can get my blood pressure under control. It's like a "Catch 22" for me right now. I can't take anything to abort the headaches because of my high blood pressure and during a headache my blood pressure goes sky high because of the severe pain! By the way, this is my very first time writing in this journal. I was so happy to find it several weeks ago when we finally got hooked up to cyberspace!
Ak USA - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 12:23:41 PM
Hello everyone--Compared to some of your stories I feel relatively lucky. I only get one or two migraines per month, but when I get them I can do nothing and the vomiting usually leaves me with sore abdominal muscles and very weak the next day. Imitrex often works, but not always. Because I'm an athlete and my work is very physically demanding, I have chosen not to go for preventative medications (you know that I tried propranolol. It stopped my headaches, but immediately added about %10 onto my swimming times!). I don't like the side effects of Imitrex, so I'm looking for something else. I've long since given up on Ca++ Channel blockers, ergots and feverfew. I'd also like to respond to Char's e-mails about problems with Drs. I've seen a total of about 4 neurologists and 7 GPs. I've had the same problem with several of the neurologists (they just think they're the cat's meow), but you know you can ask for a Dr's treatment philosophy when you call their office. You can find out how much time they will spend with you and if they will just prescribe more drugs or actually try to work with your lifestyle to help you find your triggers and try to work around them. You can also look at psychiatrists. They are more used to spending time talking to people and finding their unique needs. The message is don't lose hope! Keep looking and don't let them bully you! I found a wonderful neuro-an athlete like myself-and someone who talked to me. One last thing: for my work I travel a lot, and one of the biggest problems I have is finding quiet (I'm writing this from Caracas, for instance, and some drunk is outside firing shots into the air) Do any of you have any suggestions about white noise devices/earplugs that really work?
Serena <>
USA - Date: 11/29/98 (Sun) Time: 11:03:35 AM