Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi everyone, because of all the new imformation i've gotton out here, i'm going to ask my dr. if i can try some different meds as an alternative to daily fiorinal. The first one is amerge since i heard it rebounds less than zomig which i've had trouble with. The other suggestion was maxalt. I've tried to get more info. on it; such as what's in it, does it interfere with anything i'm on (amitryptiline and paxil) etc. but am unable to access any info. I'll do a drug search and come up empty handed. If someone has any answers out there would you mind responding? As i've mentioned on this page, my dependency on fiorinal bothers me, especially if i could avoid the rebounds which at least for me, i feel that half of my " garden variety" non migraine type headaches are. It would be nice if i could get the frequency down. Thanx in advance, wendy
wendy <>
stratford, ct USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 08:31:54 AM
I printed out all of the journal entries and read them over the weekend. I can't believe how many people are like me or even worse. I have had this migraine for 11 days now. My doctor told me there was nothing he could do for it since it was already started. His words were for me to "ride it out". He did give me a sample of Zomig to try on my next headache, but said it will do nothing for this one since it is well on it's way. Well, I rode my migraine until last night when I was in so much pain I had to go to the ER and get a shot. Then if thats not bad enough the shot just took the edge off. I still have the migraine. I don't understand why I can't get any pain relieve from these doctors. I do have a prescription for Lotabs, but they are useless to me. I feel so hopeless, and I'm afraid of loosing my job because I cant think at work with this thing. Has anyone gotten a shot at the ER and it not worked for them? Or am I just the un-lucky one?
Michelle Bishop <>
Radford, VA USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 06:57:14 AM
I was unable to reach the URL suggested in the last posting (aol://13444: etc .. etc...I was very carful). Was there an error in its posting?
catherine adams
Jacksonville, fl USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 02:32:43 AM
Tried the web site given on the last post (aol.114344: etc .....etc....) with no luck. Was there an error in entering it? I was very careful
jacksonville , Fl USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 02:28:15 AM
Feeeling like a failure is such a waste of time! We're all just doing the best we can ... each is in his/her own way. Here's my recent really big goof: I recently tried my sister's old firorinol prescription. ... it was an old precscription, so I believed it was generally ineffective. I ended up taking up too much of it. Because the usual prescription wasn't working for pain, I just took more $ more of it( 3 tablets every 2 or 3 hours) ; it never did help the pain, but boy, did it make me dizzy & nauseous. I thought if it wasn't working for pain, it just wouldn't work for anything, but boy, was I wrong. It made me really stupid. I've been falling down, droppng things, etc. In fact, I've been editing this lke this like crazy 'cause I can't even even type! So don't make the same mistake & think that if some doesnt' work for pain, maybe more will; You'll just end up overdosing yourself with God knows what results; That's what just ended up happening up to me. Let's hope this works itself out of my system before too much longer. I wish I'd just sleep it off, but instead I'm having insomnia & feeling like hell!
jacksosncville, Fl USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 02:14:25 AM
Hi everybody! Very glad to have found this list and appreciate everyone's input. All this pain we live with... I'm going it these days without any drugs and would be interested to hear from others pursuing this difficult path. Blew up my stomach years ago with Advil, got addicted to Tylenol after that, got some relief for awhile from acupuncture, but that wonderful lady did get me off the Tylenol and out of rebound land. Now I just plow through the inevitable each month, lately without even caffeine. Yesterday I happened upon a doctor online who seemed to be thinking along my lines, which surprised me. His articles can be found at aol://4344:1655.ih_mig.12414197.583000083 which is a portion of the Johns Hopkins migraine area of their website. His name is David W. Buchholz, M.D., a neurologist there. I'm very sensitive to medications in general and was frightened by Imitrex when I got up the nerve to try part of a tablet and both hands went numb. The long list of foods I'm avoiding was gleaned from several books: The Hormone Headache (Diamond) and better yet Overcoming Migraine (Betsy Wyckoff). Betsy seemed to have gotten control of her migraines through diet. I would love to hear what foods you all have personally found to be triggers. Special "hi" to Laura and Wendy and many others whose names I can't recall right now. Thanks for being there for me! Best of wishes with this miserable disease. My prayers are with you. Paulie (
Paulie <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 01:03:45 AM
Hello to everyone, This makes my second entry, I made my first last week and since then I have had some good luck. I finally got into a pain managemet clinic. They did a nerve block on my templber area, everywhere except for the forehead. when I woke up I was pain free except for just alittle pain on the forehead. I asked if the pain would come back or not and was told that it may or may not. That sometime it takes a few treatments. I'm a believer, I felt like I was blessed or something, I felt so good and for someone who hasn't felt good in so long that was a miracle. I finally feel that I going in the right direction to solving this pain. The docter also put me on some new meds which are oxycontin 20mg every 8 hrs and vicoprofen every 8 hrs I take only one of them at a time so that i can take something every four hours to make a break thru pain block. I know I have ony had the treatmrnt done once, but I would highly recommand this to anyone who is hurting as badly as I was my insurance covers it and it worked a miracle for me , if I can help, here for you, please e-mail. I go back in tommorrow for another treatment My pain started back on friday, which gave me two days almost pain free maybe this time the headache will not come back! Wish you all well. Sue
Sue <>
Louisville, Ky USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 01:00:06 AM