Journal of Migraine Sufferers

My oldest son came home from school and informed me that I got on wrong. Is'nt it wonderful to have kids that can tell you that. I also suffer from migraines. Since 1990. Rarely a day goes by without some sort of a migraine. And I have also been to almost all the Doctors mentioned and most of the meds. I've gone to acupuncture, which insurance doesn't pay, gone to chiropractors, phyical therapy, massage therapy, Neurologists, ect. It come down to it that I have many different types of migraines. The newest thing that I'm trying is discontinueing all MSGs out of my diet. I'm a vegitarian because of the nitrates in most meat and also know about MSGs bothering me. I found most of the hidden places of MSGs from the internet. I've been MSG free for three days now.(That I'm aware of.) It's in everything. I also have highblood pressure during migraines. But after a shot of morphine it comes back down. And when I feel that I'm feeling sick to my stomach I take motion sickness pills. This I found works great. It help stops the dizzy, spinning, throwing up feeling. So much of what I read so far sounds like me. I'm very happy to finally get to talk to other that have the same problems. I have a Child Day Care in my home. It makes it difficult at times, but I have a great husband. Can't wait to hear from anyone! Once again it's great to be with others alike.Susan=)
Susan <>
Mn USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 02:29:27 PM
I really appreciate all the info that people share here. I too Like Wendy who posted earlier today, have been wondering about the new meds Amerge and Maxalt. Also, how does a person know if her headaches are rebound? Thanks, Dee
Dee <>
West Lafayette, IN USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 01:37:35 PM
Darleen, I got an awful migraine the night after I got my flu shot. I called the doctor's office and asked if anyone else had this problem and I was told no. This was the worst headache I have had in a while and I am sure it was caused by the flu shot. It lasted for 3 days and my usual emergency meds did not help. Anyone getting a flu shot, please beware! Marina
LA USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 11:57:28 AM
Thanks for the e-mail regarding the c-t scans. You guys are just great! I have another doctor prescribed Phernilin Forte... a barbituite (sp?). Anybody had any side effects or anything? My husband REALLY doesn't like the idea of my taking them. Hope everyone's okay today:) Louisa
louisa <>
austin, tx USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 10:22:45 AM
BARBARA B - What kind of skin condition do you have? I am just curious. My husband has Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Email me. Hello everyone else. I had a slight migraine (one coming on) last night. I went to bed early. I feel better today but, I felt terrible last night. Tammy
Tammy <>
Buchanan, Ga USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 10:01:40 AM
This is a wonderful place to visit where you feel that you really belong and not an out cast.
Susan <>
MN USA - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 09:42:03 AM
To Ama in the UK I have right eye blindness with migrane along with "seizures" uncontrollable musclurar twitching.Neuologist said ride out my "party trick" what a jerk so your not alaone
John <>
Richmond Hill, on Canada - Date: 11/30/98 (Mon) Time: 09:40:20 AM