Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Has anyone here had any experience with taking the particular combination of drugs I have been on for the "migraine experience"? I have had four major attacks in the past three weeks. Normally, I don't have over one each week. Last week, I had one, then within twenty-four hours another one hit. By the time the second one came one I was ready to exit stage left, as old Snaggle Puss used to say. I took the Excedrin Migraine, then Xanax, Phenergan, Prozac, Prilosec, and gave up and took the Zomig, 5 mg. I also take Cardura, Premarin, and Lipitor. I wonder sometimes if the immediate combination of so many drugs can kill a person? But, as we all know, when the migraine hits full tilt, it really is no longer a matter of logical, rational thinking. It becomes a matter of survival. You think, what can I do to stop the pain? Ok, it doesn't matter any more if "it" the medicine kills me. Does anyone else have the same feelings?
USA - Date: 12/05/98 (Sat) Time: 07:43:01 AM
Danny, I've heard that weather definitely is a trigger for some migraineurs. I THINK it has something to do with barometric pressure...anyway, you're definitely NOT "nuts"! Unfortunately, weather is a trigger that we don't have much control over. Take care and hope you are well, Laura
Laura <>
Chicago, IL USA - Date: 12/05/98 (Sat) Time: 02:35:27 AM
Hello everyone, I am a 32 yo male and have had migraines as long as I can remember. Currently have a scrip for imitrex, but it only works about 25% of the time. Has anyone heard of Migrainex by OTIS CLAPP-BUFFINGTON? They work app. twice as well as excedrin migraine. I've noticed a new? trigger lately. If it clouds up and does not rain, I get a migraine, but if it clouds up and rains, I don't. Am I going insane or already there? Can this happen? I AM PAIN. Danny
Danny Appleton Jr <>
Moulton , Al USA - Date: 12/05/98 (Sat) Time: 12:18:37 AM
To Aunty Bug and anyone else who takes Imitrex and wants to comtrol the amount they take. My Dr. did give it to me in vials so I could inject the amount needed because the prepackaged shots were too much of a dose. Unfortunately for me Imitrex suddenly stopped working last Jan. I had taken it about 2 yrs. It was like a miricle drug, then one day it made me so sick I had to go to the ER., and it just doesn't work any more. Now I'm taking Amerge, but the side effects don't allow me to continue working as well as with Imitrex.
Wanda <>
Austin, Tx USA - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 09:13:18 PM
To Ama in UK: My auras last as long as 30 minutes to over an hour. They have come back, sometimes one after another, sometimes never letting up for a couple of hours. The terror I feel is that this is never, ever going to stop. I get terribly panicked by it,because it causes such a blind spot. Anytime I have even a little bit of a flash of lights in my eyes, anything that may even resemble my zigzag aura, I feel panicky and tense and ready for anything. So far, it has been over two months since I have had one like that, where there is aura. More often now than not, I get a migraine with no warning at all, just either wake up with them or they come on during the day. It is harder sometimes to deal with those, because they usually don't respond to anything at all. I just have to ride them out. I had two of those in the space of a week last month. They can happen around my period, and that is due any day now, so a headache could also come with it. The aura scares me more than the pain, though, so I am glad that the medication I am taking as a preventative (neurontin) seems to be working. I use Amerge as an abortive, and Midrin as an abortive. Excedrine Migraine also works sometimes, and, then sometimes nothing works. What kinds of symptoms do you deal with, Ama, besides the aura and pain? I also get light sensitive and nauseated. Have'nt had one where i vomit for a long time, years, though. Used to, when I was younger. I have had these migraines for as long as I can remember. They seem to just be a part of my life that will always be.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 07:19:40 PM
To Barbara B USA When you say your visual auras last a long time how long do you mean? Mine usually last about 30 mins - but I can get more than one at a time - different centres, more than one blind area. Also can get two or three one after another or two or three in a day. Do they ever cause a feeling of dread or terror? How long do other peoples auras last?
UK - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 04:13:57 PM
Hello everyone, Did you all see the posting on 12/1 from Weber & Weber, a pharmaceutical co. in Germany? Well, I requested the information from them and received it today. It actually is quite interesting and seems to be worth looking into further. I have a 9 page document about the medicine, which is called Petadolex. It includes results from clinical trials. I would be happy to forward this document as an email attachment to anyone who is interested. They also told me to send them my address and they can send even more data as well as ordering information. I have sent for this and am going to talk to my doctor about it also. It is derived from a plant, so I am assuming it is a natural medicine and is available without a prescription (especially if you can order it from them). The results of the clinical trials sound very positive, and supposedly there are virtually no side effects, which would be wonderful. As I said, it would require looking into it further, but I think it is definitely worth doing so. please email me if you would like me to send the document to you. If you cannot receive attached documents, let me know in your email and I will just paste the text directly in the email message. I look forward to hearing from any of you. We all have to share whatever "leads" we get! Hope you are all well, Laura
Laura <>
Chicago, IL USA - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 02:25:09 PM
I have been taking bellergal for the last 3 months. It is not a HRT. I am taking it for sweats and migraines. At first it stopped a migraine if it was just starting. Now like everything else, it doesn't work as efficiently and I have to take pain meds also. Lately I am having a migraine a couple of times a week. When I first started bellergal I didn't have a migraine for 4 weeks. Talk to your doctor about this drug. I must be very strong since I was sick all day the first time I tried it. Marina
la USA - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 12:05:53 PM
It is nice to know that there are people out there that understand what a person who suffers with migraines goes through. I am 37 years of age and have been suffering with migraines for 9 years now. I take Isoptin daily to help cut down the severity of my migraines which does help with minimal side effects. To help with the pain I use Fiorinal C 1/2 and Amerge. Amerge as a new pill does really seem to help with noise and light sensitivity as well as pain but can take a bit of time to work. I find though I must take my Fiorinal first but I would recommend Amerge to those who haven't tied it. Does anyone out there suffer from sinus migraines, and if so, what have you found to be helpful for the pain? I have tried the nasal sprays, Migranol and Immitrex for my migraines in the past and found them to be helpful but had to stop due to the nausea that I suffered. Also sometimes I don't have much head pain but the numbness I feel on one side from my face all the way down my leg can be quite frightening. Sometimes for me this is worse than the head pain wondering whether I will end up with a stroke. I know my family doctor is concerned. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. It is nice to know that you can tell other people how you feel and they will understand. Cheryl
Cheryl Campbell <>
Calgary, Canada - Date: 12/04/98 (Fri) Time: 11:53:49 AM