Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Barbara B - I have tried migrainol and zomig. The migrainol worked some of the timefor me, its a lesser dosage of a drug called dhe which comes in the form of injections which is three times more powerful than the nasal spray. it worked for me only on migraines that were a 1-4 pain level. anthing over that only the injection would work. zomig works for for me abouy 70% of the time. when it works, its wonderful and keeps it away for 24 hours. good luck
alicia dagosta
Omaha, ne USA - Date: 12/31/98 (Thu) Time: 10:20:23 PM
I recently increased my Prozac to 40 milligrams and am taking Zomig, 5 milligrams in addition to the Phernergan and now Ambien. I hate to say this, but the combination seems to work better than anything I have ever tried. The ten milligrams of Ambien work like magic. I don't even know when I actually fall asleep. I've decided to continue with this regimen each time I feel "one" coming. To H*** with my liver, kidneys and brain. I can't take the pain anymore.
USA - Date: 12/31/98 (Thu) Time: 09:40:00 PM
Hi everyone, Thanks for giving us our link back Ronda, and to all I just want to wish you a wonderful heathat can cause re-bound headaches too. because of the aspirin, i haven't taken any excedrin since i've become pregnant. however, the dr seems to believe that taking codeine is safer than taking aspirin. i've read that imitrex is not recommended during pregancy. i have to go to see a neurologist on 1/7 because my md & ob/gyn doesn't want to handle my migraines while i'm pregnant. my ob prescribed fioricet but it hasn't been helping me much w/ my migraine i've had off & on since 12/13. 2 years ago, i had rcvd a normal exam from the neuro that i'm going to see again. at that time, the 1 dr of the group that i saw suggested that i take inderol & something else just before my period each month. however, i stopped all meds at that time to try to conceive. we will see if this neuro has anything worthwile for me to try. i'm amazed to see people listed on this journal from africa & new zealand. by the way, is there anyone else in delaware on this journal? thanks for any help. amyjoy
AmyJoy <>
bear, de USA - Date: 12/31/98 (Thu) Time: 12:02:02 PM
Hello Barbara, It seems that you are having a very hard go of it....I can understand daily migraines, since that is what was happening to me the better part of this year. They have eased some and I think that is due to the weather here...intense heat and humidity along with many other things are a trigger for me (and also barometric pressure dropping when it comes to the weather). So I understand where you are coming from...Please try not to feel guilty about losing the time at your work. I believe that feeling guilty will only add to the pain and misery of having migraines. This will also had to your stress, which can weaken your system and make you more susceptible to your triggers. Are you on FMLA at your employment? Migraines are covered under this, check into it if you already haven't. Best of luck and health to you and all of us migraine sufferers this year of 1999....Wishing everyone a pain free day.....
Sherry <>
TN USA - Date: 12/31/98 (Thu) Time: 06:32:15 AM
Hey everyone Happy New Year.Two and a half weeks ago I started taking an anti inflammatory called Naproxen at 250mgs a night.I'm also taking 400mgs of vitamin B2 a day.Anyway the point is I haven't had a migraine e since.I was having an attack most mornings.I counted seven in nine days.Now I'm great.No diet restrictions either.Anybody tried this?I don't know how long it will last but so far I feel so,well,free! Goodluck everyone.Take care.Love Chrissy
Christina Davis <>
Monte Carlo, Monaco - Date: 12/31/98 (Thu) Time: 03:50:52 AM
Hi everyone! I added a new feature to the page... a discussion board where you can discuss specific topics relating to migraine. I added this feature because it seems a lot of people ask and answer questions on the journal page, which is great, but it can sometimes be hard to locate a specific answer. Hopefully, this new forum will help out. I will be keeping the journal in tact as well, for those of you who pefer to communicate that way, or would like to share your migraine backrounds with others. The discussion board can now be accessed via the menu to your left, or you can access it at I hope this is something you'll enjoy! Great to have you all back!!
Ronda <>
USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 09:05:18 PM
TO BARBARA: Unfortunatly, if you have not had much sucess with Imitrex, maxalt and zomig probably won't do much for you either. They are in the same drug family. Migranal is an ergotamine derivative and if you hadn't had help with this class, migranol is probably not for you (I am not sure of all of the ergot meds, but DHE is one). Finally, nasal sprays only work with meds that when given orally, some relief is obtained. Currently I use Stadol nasal spray. The effectivness is somewhere in between that of the oral med and the injections. Good luck at the docs! Be well. Shannan
Shannan <>
USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 08:57:34 PM
First, to Ronda, thanks for all the hard work in getting this journal to the point where it is at now. At least to be able to vent a little, after suffering another bad migraine this week. Her site is still the best site by far, and the easiest message board to use. Anyway, it has been a horrible time at times with a migraine that started on Monday night. I have gone through just about all of the maximum doses of the medications that the doctor has put me on, and I can still feel the migraine. I stayed home today, and feel terrible about it, but the pain was bad this morning, and I felt woozy and weak, and very, very tired. Everyone always wants to know what triggers my migraines. Well, everything and anything. This one, probably stress and weather turning bitter cold, and any thing else in between. There is no rhyme or reason to my migraines; they just happen. And, they take forever to go away. I am just about at the end of my rope with this one. I hate having to deal with pain, and the pain keeps coming and going. I started to try to knock it out by taking Amerge, but it did'nt work, nor did midrin, nor did any otc meds. Nothing worked. Next week, a trip to the neurologists, and a long discussion, I hope, about what meds are good, and what may work. Right now, I can't afford to keep taking off one or two days a month due to a migraine. I have already lost two days this month, and days off on and off throughout the past year. It is hard to deal with, and I feel guilty, but I also hate working in too much pain. I hope that the doctor will at least consider trying some of the other new meds, like maxault and zomig, or migranal. Has anyone tried any of the nasal sprays yet? Any one tried maxault or zomig, and had success? Post on this board, and I'll be checking. I want to at least have an idea before I go to docs what may or may not work well.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 08:22:47 PM
Ronda~ I like this new set up! Hope it all works out. To the previous post...I've NEVER been able to do any type of exercise with out getting a headache, which most times becomes a Migraine. Even walking, especially in the cold or hot, humid weather will give me a migraine. I had Migraines from exercise happen back in school at age 14 in gym class, that was 31 years ago. But then I can get a Migraine at any time, feeling fine one minute & then BANG! What meds do you take? Does Zomig, Imetrix or Migranol help?
USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 08:16:36 PM
Hi! I hope this is working...I know the menu probably isn't at this point, same for the discussion section, but I thought I'd give the journal a try. I apologize for anyone's entries that may have been lost during this mess. I'll keep checking in to make sure everything's OK.
Ronda <>
USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 05:41:47 PM
Hi everyone. Hope you had a pain-free Christmas! Does anyone experience exercise induced migraines? About 10 minutes after low to moderate excercise, the headache starts. Any ideas of what I can do about this? Thanks, Pat.
Pat <>
Cary, Il USA - Date: 12/30/98 (Wed) Time: 05:41:40 PM