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I wrote an entry a couple of months ago, but can't seem to find it now. Basically, it outlined the headaches that I have been getting, and how long I have been getting them etc. I was eight years old when I started suffering and we put it down to the humidity in the area we lived in. We had recently moved from Portsmouth (UK) to the warmer climbs of Charlotte, NC. We moved back to England after a year of living in the US because we were only there on work placement due to my Dad's work. My headaches calmed down a lot then, but were still fairly bad over the next seven years. I got told by school nurses and the like that I didn't suffer from migraines because "I didn't get any flashing lights". When I was about sixteen the headaches sky rocketed. I was missing a lot of college, and I had to change one of my courses because the whole two years was going to be difficult to complete. I suffered from incredibly intense migraines every day for a period of about three months.. and because no one can see your afflictions, they don't understand or belive how much it can hurt. I started going to see the doctor then, and since I have seen the neurologist twice, and even the cardiologist once because of the effect betablockers had on me! Every medication they put me on seemed to follow the same pattern; it would work really well at first, but gradually the effect wore off and I was back to suffering on a very regular basis. The betablockers had adverse effects.. causing my heart to race and it effected my work because I often had to duck out of meetings etc. The first betablockers they put me on made me incredibly drowsy and when I was about two weeks away from taking my 'A' levels I could hardly keep my eyes open.. so they took me off them. The latest lot of drugs they put me on were called Amitryptiline. I was put on a very small dose - the same as would be given to a seven year old - but it knocked me for six. That was when I last wrote. I think that I had been given the drug the previous day, and I just wanted to know what to expect from it. After a week of taking it every day, I was in a terrible state: I was very dazed and extremely tired. My head felt very heavy while the rest of my body felt incredibly light and my mouth felt very numb. Because of this reaction, I talked to my boss and took three days off as annual leave with immediate effect. Since then (about two months ago) I have been trying everything possible to stop the headaches. During the three days, I went to the optician and had my eyes tested for perhaps the millionth time and I went to the doctors to let them know that I was taking myself off the Amitryptiline. A few days later, I saw my doctor again and he decided to try acupuncture. This has worked a treat. Where I would normally suffer with abour four cronic headaches a week plus the migraines, I have now had one headache and two migraines in a period of six weeks. I am also receiving physiotherapy through the NHS for my headaches because one major trigger appears to be muscle tension in my neck and upper back. Reading everyone elses entries, I feel like a cheat because I know that I don't suffer nearly as much as some of you, but being a nineteen year old with an apparant penchant for lieing in a darkened room with as little noise as possible seems to put a big downer on my life. I have stopped drinking (UK legal age is seventeen), I can't eat chocolate, I have cut down my social life (as much as possible), I am a vegetarian and I don't smoke. I am starting to think that my only vice is men! Since I have started with the acupuncture, I have been a lot happier because I am not suffering nearly as much. For anyone out there, I know it might seem hard, but there is a way forward however long it takes you to find it.

Becci <Rebecca.lane@kvaerner.com>
Tuesday, November 14, 2000 at 05:03:07

Hi, I am so thrilled to have found such a place to share with others. I have had migraines all my life, suffered from abdominal migraines as a teen, this was incredible-my heart goes out to any youngsters with this form out there-and am currently diagnosed with chronic migraines with extended aura. Since the birth of my second child I have had chronic migraines, 24 hours a day of unrelenting pain, with only an average of 2 days per month pain-free. This has been going on for 4 years now, I have lived on Tylenol #3s all this time, taking up to 10 a day and still no round the clock relief. I am fortunate to have an excellent and compassionate neurologist who has had me try everything out there, old and latest preventive meds, but nothing has been effective enough to keep the migraines away. I am currently only managing the pain, using Codeine Contin and Ty #3s for breakthrough pain. The aura itself is very painful, throughout the right side of my body, lasting days on end at times.
I am looking for support groups, but it is very discouraging because I can't find one. It is difficult on all members of my family, my children are frustrated that I cannot interact with them often. I have noticed a character change, I am impatient more often, moody and depressed. I am not very hopeful of there being a treatment out there that will work for me, I have tried every route available. Is there anyone out there going through the same? I am interested in knowing how you manage. Only my faith gets me through each day, and I always wonder how long this will go on. I would welcome any replies. Thanks!

Peggy <blossoms31@hotmail.com>
Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 04:38:51

Hi All..

my first time here.but a very long time migraine sufferer. . just come out of a 10hr horror migraine. i am 35 year old male. I have been having severe migraines since I was about 13 (cannot do anything, often not even get to the bucket or toilet to puke). I get them about ever 10days-2weeks, lasting from 8-24hours. every 6months or so i get a cluster of them daily for about 7days. Like most of you have run the merry go round of "treatments", gizmos, gadgets etc. The drugs make life unmanageable, without them the migraines make life hell.. suicidle thoughts oftem crossed my mind,.. as did crazy ideas of hacking out the parts (eye, neck muscles) that were in agony.. migraine dementia?..

a way forward...

i have recently discovered and realised something though.. i am resigned to allways having migraines, and losing large amount of time to them, having to cancel social and work arrangements at the last momement etc... one of (well to me) the worst parts of migraines is the emotional and pschyological trauma, the personal disassociation, the disability, the depression.. so one morning while thrashing in bed i decided to "accept" the pain, and try and ride through it.. with a bit of practice i found I could get into doing yoga breathing while having a migraine. i can now "remove" myself from the pain, yes I am still experiencing it, but its like I am floating above myself watching myself in a hell of agony. so i ride the pain, its there but I dont get emotionally involved with it.. the migraines are as intense as long, but dont burn me out as badly afterwards, and dont freak/bum me out as much,


Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 04:27:52

hi i'm angela and new to this page, infact i did not know such things exsisted. anyway i am a 38year old female who suffers from severe migraines. 3injections needed to bring me back to 'normal'. i have suffered with these since the age of 21. my mother and brother also suffer. my youngest son [10] has also being diagnosed with the same, luckily though i have been informed he should outgrow them by the age of 15[he should be so lucky].in england we have not as much support as america. at the moment i am in the process of trying to start my own self-help group. i am asking drug comapanies to sponsor me by providing a room,drinks etc, only hope i can get it up and running. my migraines have recently increased from 4 a year to every other week. i have not changed my diet lifestyle or anything. have had numerous brainscans[at least i do still have a brain!].after every attack i have begun to wonder if the severity of the attack actually kills off any part of the brain. does anybody else often wonder things like this.it affects my husbands occupation as i have to bring him home to administer the injections, due to the fact my vision goes in my right eye. his employer has just sent a lovely letter to my specialist asking for futher investigations to be done as it does effect his job.as my occupation i am a doctor's receptionist, this gp is very understanding as his wife is a daily migriane sufferer.i do not like to have time off work though as i feel it gives you a bad 'name' always been off sick.i would love to hear from anybody who could help me find the reason why my attacks have suddenly increased. anyway goodluck to all you migraine sufferer's lets hope we find a 'cure' beforelong. angela

angela <john.bence@btinternet.com>
Friday, November 10, 2000 at 16:07:57

I've been taking some new natural preventative product called Petadolex. I've read the clinical reports published, and searched the manufacturers web site. I've noticed that my frequency has reduced after taking the Petadolex now for 4 weeks. Has anyone tried this product yet? I wonder if anyone has tried this new product out yet and what type of effects they have been having. I'm always concerned about these dam side effects!!! Please get back to me if anyone has...

Jessica Yount <jyount78@hotmail.com>
Friday, November 10, 2000 at 10:57:19

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has daily migraines. Since seen years ago my twice a month migraines have become daily or at the least every 3-4 days. I finally went to a neurologist in earlyd he has put me on Zoloft to try and prevent them but here it is Nov 9th and it hasn't touched them. I have called him and through his assistant I've been told to keep taking them another 4 weeks and see what happens. I have to work so I am not taking imitrex daily. I stopped taking any over the counter pills (excedrin) because I thought I may be having rebound HA. I stopped them two weeks ago cold turkey but the migraines only became more frequent, sometimes starting on one side of the head and then moving to the other. I used to get them between 3-6 in the afternoon. Now the pattern is that I wake up at 4am every moring with a bad migraine. Does any one go to a neurologist or HA specialist and what have they said or done for you. Thanks for any answers.
I'm praying for us all. Sandee

Sandee <Sandj71@aol.com>
Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 15:55:49

Hello.first time I have seen this site. I am a 37 year old female.I never in my life had migraines until I had to have a hysterectomy 9 years ago.I am currently taking estrogen dailyand like so many of you I have tried all kinds of drugs.I am taking zomig right now but it is such a expensive drug that I cant take it all the time so I wait till Im dying! I had all kinds of female problems in my early teens and through out my 20s and I was really getting tired of being sick all the time so my doctor at the time decided I needed to have a hysterectomy.I was single and only 28 at the time.3 months after I had the surgery all hell broke loose. I gained over 90 pounds,have hot flashes ,night sweats ,mood swings,and worse of all are the god awful migraines I got. I have had all the tests,scans,blood work,all that stuff...the doctor said I am a classic migraine sufferer!! sometimes I dont know what was worse all the bleeding,cramps from hell,and dizziness.I feel like I have traded in set of symptoms for another set.when I get a migraine you might as well wrap me up and stuff me in a corner because I am pretty much a waste of human flesh at that point.I have missed alot of work due to these things and most of the people I work with think I am just playing hooky.not on my best day of health would I ever wish a migraine on another human being.some people tell me "well, I have migraines and I dont have to stay in bed all day"".I just tell them they are lucky. I have a notebook that I write in for my headaches but so far I have seen no real pattern.I have tried all kinds of weird things to do to reliev a migraine but nothing but time and sleep are the only thing that helps me.I usually get a funky smell,nose bleed or I see a "smurfy" blue haze right before they start. I usually grab a ice pack and a heating pad and alternate these on my head.sometimes it helps,but most of the time I just pray for relief and sleep to over take me.does anyone know of any other remedies or any herbal thing that helps them? my family knows better than to talk to me or to bother me when I have a migraine.well.. thanks for letting me vent!!!!! unless you are a true migraine sufferer,nobody really understands what the pain is like.thanks cheri

cheri <trahmadog@yahoo.com>
Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 11:54:54

Hi to all, I am still in great pain on a daily basis. Marcia I know exactly how you feel, yesterday for one fleeting moment I thought at least with death I would not have to endure this horrible pain any longer nor would my most wonderful soul mate my husband Michael have to bear the burden any longer. Then last night in my kitchen as I was crying in intense pain, he hugged me and told me he felt as thought Jesus was my answer and that he loved me. I have been away from the Lord for so long that I forgot he is the healer, I know in my heart he is the answer. My husband put me to bed with aHE hot pad on my neck and an ice pack on my forehead, he then rubbed my arms untill I fell asleep. So even in the midst of all me misery, I have God to thank for sending me him.
I went to my dr. yesterday and he says hormones or thyroid are not my problem, I do have either fibroids or a tumor in my uterus. I go for more test on Monday. I asked him for pain medication but he said headaches are not his speciality. So I left the office feeling really down, I have to remind myself they are only dr.s and they are not always correct.He told me to go to a neurologist which of course I have been to three with no answers. So I am turning to prayer and asking God to send a Dr. who does care and will listen to the pain we all indure. praying for us all peggy

Peggy L. O'Connor <songwritermpo@hitter.net>
Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 09:12:29

In the last several posts there seems to be alot of "fainting" and hormonal related migraines. My experience and therefore knowledge regarding the fainting or loosing conscienseness are TIA's. These are faily common with migraine and many doctors who don't have alot of experience with migraine tend to mis-diagnose. My personal experience with these are complete blacking out..fainting or more often..stroke-like symptoms where I all of a sudden will loose my ability to find the right word.. slur my words, loose vision out of one eye, paralysis on one side and imbalance. I loose the ability to walk without assistance. The first time this happened it scared my husband and I to death but we were lucky to run into a Doc. in the er who had seen this before. Because I do have the sub-arrachoid cyst he ran a cat scan to check for bleeding but when it came back without bleeding he explained how this can happen periodically or often with migraines. The stroke like symptoms or fainting are always followed by a very severe migraine. As for the hormonal causes of migraine..I know these to be a large portion of the cause for many women. However, I looked in to getting a hysterectomy because, obviously, I thought if I don't have the hormonal changes I won't have headaches. Also, many woman after they go through menopause stop getting migraine. I was advised by several migraine "experts" (I don't believe there are any out there) that bringing on "the change" surgically has NEVER worked in any of their research and trials. The predomenent Dr. to tell my this is Seymour Diamond who started the Diamond Headache clinic in Chicago..it is known and trusted world wide.(I went there for two years and they were not able to help me but they do help many) People from all over the states, including Hawaii go there. I hope this is a bit helpful and am more than happy to share further if anyone would like to e-mail me. I do answer all e-mails when I am able (grin) is'nt that the way with everything with us? Sorry about the spelling..wish my spellcheck worked for these posts;}


Elizabeth aka Bedoroses <growup@ix.netcom.com>
Monday, November 6, 2000 at 00:43:59

Please enter a message. :-)My 16 year old daughter suffers immensely from migranes. She also has kidney disease,but her doctors insist that the migranes are a separate issue. She not only suffers from tremendous pain, for which we have tried all of the prescriptions,short of morphine, but she passes out. When she passes out she seems to stop breathing. We have to sit her up and shake her to get her breathing and then she will start gasping for air and she will come around. Her body twitches when she's passed out until we can get her to come around. The doctors don't seem to be able to find out what is wrong with her so they keep wanting to call it emotional or anxiety or panic attack. This is a child who has complained of head aches since she was two years old. None of the over the counter product or prescription medicines have worked for her. We are beating our head up against a brick wall with frustration. If there anyone can provide suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

Karla Schlett <kschlett682@earthlink.net>
Friday, November 3, 2000 at 13:38:25

I have been suffering from migraines for several years now and have been having trouble controlling mine. They have been getting progressively worse. My doctor recommended switching from the pill to the depo preva shot to eliminate some estrogen from my system. That seemed to help for awhile, however, I have had other terrible side effects from the shot and had to stop taking them. For now I have returned to pill. I was wondering what others may be using for birth control? Another child at this time is not possible for me, however, I do not want to eliminate the possiblity of having one in the future. Any suggestions would be welcome. I have terrible migraines that often leave me bedridden. I have terrible lightning flashes, numbness, dizziness, and nausea so I am willing to try most things if I will help. Thank you.

Jean <jandrhome@msn.com>
Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 20:57:27

My name is Marcia, I am a 52 yr. old female who has suffered severely with migranes for approx. 5 years. I really did not know what the pain was until about 2 years ago and now all I have read and heard I know I am a classic case. I have been to a headache and pain center in KC but the medication was useless and they wanted to do wierd things to my head. The more I read now I really wonder if it is a hormonal problem, I am on estrogen for hot flashes and I have had a partial hysterectomy.
As you all know darkness, stillness and close to death feeling is all we care to deal with. The last 2 months I have been down in bed and yesterday had to leave work early. I am desperate to find some relief and am going to call my female dr. and see what she can suggest.
thanks for all the wonderful (not really) stories that I can relate to. My husband never gets a headache and until very recently does he feel my pain because he loves me so.
thanks again, I will be waiting to hear and read more from everyone.
Marcia @myval48@aol.com

marcia <myval48@aol.com>
Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 14:08:24

I AM 28


Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 11:56:30

hi all, I havent posted for awhile. so many days I am out of it, still working and every day is a struggle. had to call in yesterday after some medical test, I got a horrible migraine and was sick. I spent the entire day in bed, sitll have a headache but am able to at least function today. My work is unsympathetic to my problems, I have to work tonight and I know that it will totally wipe me out physically. I went for my yearly pap, my dr is running thyroid and hormone test, also looking for fibroids.
he mentioned putting me on the pill to relieve migraines, has anyone ever heard of this? then he mentioned hyestrectomy, I dont understand all of tihs does anyone? Why cant they just give you medicine, something has to work. I gave the name of a couple of meds I got off this sight, he just put them in my foulder untill I go back next week for follow up. I think i am going to have to step down to part time at my job, I am just not dealing well, I work in a deli for publix and this is our busiest season, its crazy. thanks so much for listening to me sorry i am not any help to all of you, i have no answers. I have been doing a lot more praying though, maybe GOD will have mercy on us all. love and prayers peggy

Peggy L. O'Connor <songwritermpo@hitter.net>
Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 09:33:54

Hey everyone. How are oyu all doing? WEll I hope. Guys I need some help in a wierd situation. I have had migrianes now for like three years. Thank God they are begining to taper off some. However, I have been diagnosed with chronic neurocardiogenic syncope (a simple faint) Each time I faint, I taste metal in my mouth before hand and see this thing that looks like a comet flying through the air. After I faint I get a terrible migraine. It is wierd and scares me to death. I have chipped my elbow and suffered numerous concussions due to this. Do any of you guys have any thoughts? I am currently taking Nortriptyline and Florinef. THe doctor Rx'ed Prozac but I can't take it because it makes me too tired. I have an electrical imbalance that is causing all of this. I am at a loss. Thank you all for your help. I hope that you all have a migraine free week. Jane

Jane Halterman <jhalterman@yahoo.com>
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 at 13:17:07

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