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On-line journal

Share your experiences or read the stories posted from other migraine sufferers.

Migraine discussion forums

Post questions or discuss topics relating to migraines with other sufferers.

WWW resources

Migraine Meetup

A monthly opportunity for sufferers of migraines to get together locally and discuss treatment, relief, and causes.

NHF's Support Groups

Listing of migraine support groups from the National Headache Foundation.

National Headache Foundation

NHF provides information on causes and treatments of migraine, has audio and video tapes, brochures and other materials available for purchase, and also contains a resource for locating support groups nationwide. They also fund research and sponsor seminars.

The American Council for Headache Education (ACHE)

ACHE is a national non-profit patient/physician partnership that provides support for headche sufferers, as well as educates the public about headaches. This page contains a listing of on-line and regional support groups.

Headache Hotline


Yahoo Headache Groups

Yahoo health groups where migraine sufferers can chat with other sufferers.

WebMD's Condition Center

Offers message boards and chat rooms for migraine sufferers.


The migraine support newsgroup...ask questions, give and receive support and share experiences with other headache suffers.

On-line interview

Neurologist David Sudderth answers questions about migraines, treatments, and how to cope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Current FAQ list

David Meldrum has created a web page which contains all of the current FAQs listed below, and the dates on which they were last updated.

FAQ I: General Information
FAQ II: Information on Treatments
FAQ III: Coping Strategies
FAQ IV: Cluster Headaches

Natural Migraine Treatment FAQs

FAQ's for all kinds of health-related topics, including the alt.support.headaches.migraine FAQs

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